The Never Not Knitting Podcast : Episode 61 : Coming Clean

Episode 61

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Enter to win a copy of  the book, My Grandmother's Knitting, by leaving a comment under this blogpost by May 15, 2012. Please do not forget to include your contact information.
If it isn't included then I will have to draw another winner! Only one comment per person please.
The book winner will be announced on my next podcast episode.

Please send me a personal knitting story to share on a future episode! 
Send your 5 min+ story recordings to nevernotknitting@gmail.com and receive a
knitting related thank you gift from me!
Details in the episode...

Thank you for listening!


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trillium said...

Oh, would love this book!

trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

Lee said...

Love your podcasts! thank you and thank you for entering me in the drawing!

lucyinthesky1 said...

I would really love to read My Grandmother's Knitting for two reasons. I got my crafty genes from my grandmother and I like to think that I continue her tradition. Of course, that makes me curious about other people's crafty families, too!

Thanks for your podcast and giveaway!

Juliane (Llule on ravelry)

Jessica said...

Hi Alana! I'm so happy that you are back behind the mic! I've missed you!
jpeled on ravelry

aikelsey said...

I love your designs!

Ninni said...

Wonderful pod cats, I have been glassing at the book for some time.


kay116 said...

So glad your podcasting again! I've had my eye on this book. Wuld love to have a copy.

KnitNeverEnds said...

I'll put this book on the shelf next to my copy of Coastal Knits, which I adore. I hope to knit several of the designs! So cool!

Rav: triciau

Jenny T. said...

Just listened on my way to work this morning... yay! So happy you're back!

Whitney said...

Lovely drawing as always. Thank you and welcome back!

eileen said...

Enjoyed your story - isn't it funny how people will decide for you what you will knit? as if it is a hobby made for special orders? i've always been one to finish a project no matter what - but I've discovered how cathartic it is to just take a yarn (or half done project) that you loved when you started (but now hate) to Goodwill - good riddance and don't look back!

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