Yarn Love Drawing Giveaway

On Episode 49 I had the privilege of sharing a knitting story provided by designer, Gudrun Johnston and reviewing the beautiful yarns from the company Yarn Love.

Both Gudrun and Yarn Love have contributed this amazing prize for you to enter to win.

This prize includes a copy of Gudrun's new book The Shetland Trader Book 1,
 and 7 skeins of Yarn Love yarn!

I think that this skein of Amy March yarn would make a lovely Norie hat from the book...

And the Elizabeth Bennet yarn would be so nice for the Hömin Shawl.

All of the Yarn Love yarns are wonderful, but I found myself particularly enamored by the Elizabeth Bennet yarn in the colorway Allure. It's just.. alluring. I'm really into this hazy gray/blue color lately.. and this yarn is incredible. It has a beautiful sheen and texture. This would make the loveliest shawl. 
It's almost too good to use for socks..

So there you have it. 1 beautiful publication, 7 amazing skeins of yarn, 1 very fortunate winner.

To enter to win, please leave a comment including contact information under this drawing post. 
Only one comment per person please.

In your comment I would love to hear what your favorite Yarn Love colorway is! 
You can check out all of the color options HERE.

A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on February 15, 2011. 
Please check back then to see if you've won!


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Regina said...

I love the stallion colorway

harkness said...

So many great colorways, so hard to pick just one. I am looking forward to spring, so I am going with Awakening Earth.

RRM said...

Please consider me.

RRM said...
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Caitlin said...

I had the good fortune to hear Gudrun speak and show off her lovely patterns at my LYS. I really enjoyed her story on your podcast.

Brenda said...

Enjoyed your podcast very much! And the song ending it is so fun.

Andrea M. said...

Wow, that's not such an easy question to answer! Candied Lemon? Saffron? I suppose my favorite would be Bloom, but what wonderful colors from which to choose. They're ALL beautiful!

hands follow heart said...

Woae, thanks for such generous giveaway! Oh, I love Gudrun's work. My preferred colorway are Cranberry and Belgian Chocolat.

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