Botanical Knits-Available to Pre-Order!

Hooray! It's finally ready!

Thanks to my personal web programmer (husband) our new Botanical Knits website (botanicalknits.com) is now up and running AND Botanical Knits is now available to purchase in 2 different ways! 

You can purchase and download the digital e-book only for $18 HERE.
This is a great option for those of you outside of the US who do not want to pay shipping costs.

BUT if you would like a hard copy.... you can also pre-order the printed book for $22 + shipping HERE.
The book is scheduled to arrive in May, but everyone who pre-orders will receive a complimentary e-book to download right away. This will allow you to get started on your favorite projects while you wait for your book to arrive. As an additional "thank you" for pre-ordering the printed version, I will include a NEW, EXTRA botanically inspired pattern along with your book shipment. This is a special offer only valid during pre-orders.

Botanical Knits will also be available in yarn shops worldwide starting in May 
if you would like to purchase it locally. 

Yarn shop owners, please click HERE for wholesale information 
if you are interested in stocking this book in your store.

All of the yarn requirements for the designs are up on Ravelry and the website, but if you would like a handy  list to take into your local yarn shop, you can download that by clicking below.

Please don't forget to join the Botanical Knits Ravelry Group! It is a great way to share your projects with other knitters.We will be starting up some knit-a-longs for your favorite Botanical Knits projects soon.

I am so excited for the release of this new book and I hope that you really enjoy it. I look forward so much to hearing your feedback and seeing your Botanical Knits project pictures pop up on Ravelry.

Want to know what others think of Botanical Knits? Check in with the following friends and project contributors on the Botanical Knits blog/podcast tour to get other knitters opinions and reviews.

Feb 15 - Carlee Tatum (Main Photographer)
Feb 17 - Neesha Hudson (Illustrator)
Feb 20 - Tana Pageler ( Technical Editor)
Feb 21 - Truly Myrtle
Feb 23 - Mary Joy Gumayagay (Graphic Designer)
Feb 25 - Veronika Jobe (Test Knitter)
Feb 28 - Blue Sky Alpacas (Yarn Contributor)
Mar 4 - Hannah Fettig
Mar 5 - Kelbourne Woolens (Yarn Contributor)
Mar 8 - A Playful Day
Mar 13 - Shannon Cook
Mar 22 - Tanis Lavallee
Mar 23 - Anne Hanson
Mar 25 - Kirsten Kapur
Mar 30 - Jane Richmond

I have an awesome yarn giveaway coming up soon, so stay tuned!


bluejayecrafts said...

Oh, no. We have already crashed the purchase page. I can't get beyond entering my information.

Cambria said...

I am also having difficulty getting the purchase page to work :( But I'll be sure to check back.

kamadres said...

I could not resist. I just bought your new book! It's beautiful!!! And now I have to leave and check my stash :-)

TrishKnits said...
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Deb Hickman said...

I've just bought the E-Book as olive in the U.K. I love every pattern and don't know which to start first. I think I may have to buy book too, when released. How much is shipping to the U.K. ? Deb x

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday to me! Purchasing as an early birthday present for myself. Alana, you've done it again - this book is irresistible!!!

cockney blonde said...

congratulations on your new book, love the preview images, x

Hatchling said...

Alana, this is a beautiful book! I had to buy BOTH versions as soon as it came out. I've worked the seedling hat, and the rustling leaves beret twice, and now have so many more options!!! Currently I'm in love with the little individual leaves!! So many things to put them on. Thank you for making lovely patterns that are easy and beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I just pre-ordered the book! I can't wait! I love the patterns!

Nancy said...

Just purchased your newest book and am shopping for yarn for Autumn's End. My favorite knit of all time was Rustling Leaves, and I'm looking forward to knitting your newest hat patterns. Your designs are gorgeous!

eileen-s said...

Looking forward to adding a new cardi or two to my wardrobe with a leafy theme (my favorite,anyone who knows me will tell you!) Was wishing there would be a shopping list bookmark like Coastal Knits - that was so handy! Enjoy your break - will be listening when you return :-)

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Oh dear, I wanted to pre-order the hard copy & got mixed up and bought the e-book. Is it possible to also get a hard copy if I pay the extra?

karmyl said...

Thank you, Thank you! for the wonderful print and ebook bundle. Love the leaves!