Knitterella Drawing Giveaway

Enter to win this generous selection of Knitterella gift tags provided by knitterella.com...

...along with this brand new autographed copy of New England Knits contributed by Melissa LaBarre!

It was my pleasure to feature Knitterella gift tags as well as to share a knitting story from Melissa in my latest podcast episode.  Click here to listen!

To enter this giveway, please leave a comment (with contact information) under this blogpost. 
Only one comment per person please. 

I will be announcing the winner on December 15th, so please check back then to see if you have won!

Drawing now closed! Congratulations to Maria, the winner! 


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Rebekah Pope said...

These gifts tags are just too cute! Thanks for the giveaway!
rebekahpope (at) comcast.net

Christina said...

Great gift tags! Thanks for the chance to win.

April said...

What a great giveaway! Thanks! I hope I win! :)

Jessica said...

Two perfect, perfect gifts! I've been eyeing that book for weeks now... JLKaufman on the Rav!

Lisaknits said...

great giveaway. Thanks

paula said...

I heard this book is awesome and wow how cute are those gift tags!

Ann said...

Ahhhh! I hope I'm not too late to be entered for the Kniterella giveaway. I think I've looked at this book twice now; sure would like to have it. Connect with me on Ravelry, as AnnBan.

steph said...

wonderful gifts! thanks!!

Anonymous said...

The gift tags are so neat!

terrytribe (AT) gmail.com

Jessica Speigel said...

aw, how cute! still time to enter? *crossing my fingers*

in progess said...

These are the BEST!
Happy holidays!

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