My Little Knitter

When my 4 year old daughter came to me the other day and said
"Mommy I want to knit too. Can you show me how to make stitches?"
I practically melted in my seat.

"Are you kidding me?.. !!!"

I have been waiting for this day.. for well... about 4 years! :)
I've determined that my daughter will love knitting.
She'll have to. I will make her.. or something.

So every few days we've been having "knitting classes" together.
They last about 5 minutes or so...But it is oh so sweet
to watch those little fingers hold the yarn and needles.

I've remembered a little children's knitting rhyme that I heard somewhere to help her remember the steps.

It goes something like this..

"In through the front door. Run around the back. Out through the window and off jumps Jack!"

I can't wait until we can truly knit together. That will be so fun!


New Buttons

I love buttons. They can add so much to a finished piece.

I was recently very excited to find this awesome button selection at Tangled Yarns
and couldn't help but get some for myself!

Both of these buttons are made from coconut shells so they are nice and lightweight.
This is a really good thing because if buttons are too heavy
they can weigh down your sweater or cause the fabric
to fold over on itself if left unbuttoned.

I love the way the cut out buttons look with my Tea Leaves Cardigan!
They are the perfect size too!

Now all I need is a buttonband for them!




I bought more Madelinetosh. Somebody stop me please...


Squishy Sweaters

This winter I have really enjoyed working on sweaters. But not just any sweaters.. sweaters knit from single ply soft merino wool.
It's my new knitting obsession.

There is nothing like spending a wintry evening inside
with a warm merino sweater on your lap.
There is something so cozy and comforting about the process.

These two in the photo are my Vine Yoke and Tea Leaves Cardigans.
One is knit in Malabrigo Worsted and the other in Tosh Merino.
Two very similar yarns. Equally soft and squishy.

I've been making fine progress.. they are both over halfway completed!
I'm very excited to get them done.. but will miss working on them at the same time.

Thankfully I came across another sweater pattern recently which would make another wonderfully squishy project.
Click here to see. I'm thinking about Tosh Merino in Tart for this one.

Wow. I love yarn.


Side Slip Cloche

Ever since I saw this hat on the cover of the book Boutique Knits
... I knew that I had to have it.
It's just so cute!

Originally this hat was supposed to be for me.
But this color I chose for it ended up being kind of a difficult color for me to wear.

I was trying to pick a pale pink color.. but you know how it goes with shopping online.
I went with the Champagne colorway in Blue Sky Alpacas silk and alpaca blend,
but it turned out that it was much more of a peach tone than pink.

Also the yarn was thinner than I was expecting so I had to double it to get the correct gauge.
The blend worked wonderfully for this pattern though.. the silk gave it the pretty
sheen and drape, and the alpaca added the soft halo which I really love.
2 skeins was just enough to finish the hat.

Even though the hat didn't work out for me.. I think it looks absolutely precious on my soon to be 4 year old daughter.
Kids can wear anything and still look cute!

I just love the feminine vintage style of this cloche and look forward to making myself one out of a different yarn.

I'm thinking a charcoal gray angora blend. I think that would look really classic and cute.

Does anyone have any good yarn suggestions for me?