The Never Not Knitting Podcast : Episode 67 : Interview With Neesha Hudson

Episode 67

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Annie's Swiss Cheese Scarf Pattern

My daughter and I have been working together on Annie's Swiss Cheese Scarf pattern to go along 
with the new book.

It's all finished now and the pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry HERE.

This scarf is just like Annie's in the story. Big "Swiss cheese" holes on one side.
It went super quickly and only took one skein of yarn. 
I chose Quince and Co. Osprey in the Rosa Rugosa colorway.

I let my daughter knit some of the sections by herself for a more "authentic" look. :)

Everyone who purchases the book, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf will also receive a free pdf download of my Playful Stripes Cardigan pattern
(The sweater that Annie is wearing in the story.)

Knit up these two patterns so that your child can match Annie! 

Wouldn't this make a fun little set to give along with the book for a present?
Here is my daughter sporting her own "Annie ensemble."


And now with attitude...



Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf- Pre-orders Now Open!

I am happy to announce that our new children's book, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf, is now available for pre-order!

The book is scheduled to be shipped by late-November, 
but if you pre-order now you will receive a matching

All packaged together (with the book) in this adorable gift box!

Please visit our new website at AnnieCanKnit.com to learn more about our book, 
meet the characters, and even take a peek inside! 
(My husband has worked on this website diligently for weeks and I think it turned out really cute!)

We hope that you love Annie as much as we do! We are looking forward to shipping these out to everyone!



Here is the final item that I have to share with you that will be included in the 
Deluxe Edition-Gift Set of our soon-to-be-released children's book, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf.

A special, custom made....

P u z z l e !

I absolutely love this little 20-piece puzzle. This is one of my favorite scenes from the book 
where Annie's mommy teaches her how to knit on the couch. 
It reminds me of when I taught my daughter to knit.
That will always be a special memory for me.

My daughter has had lots of fun taking this puzzle apart and putting it back 
together over and over and over again.

Remember... this puzzle will be part of our Deluxe Edition, but will be included for free for everyone who pre-orders the book!

Pre-orders will be available shortly!



In yesterday's post.. I promised you...

S t i c k e r s!

Yes! A sheet of five glossy, durable stickers to go along with our soon to be released children's book,

This sticker sheet is part of our "Deluxe Edition-Gift Set", 
but will be included for free to everyone who pre-orders our new book.

(Pre-orders will open very soon on our new website. AnnieCanKnit.com)

Would you like to join our mailing list and be emailed as soon as pre-orders are ready?
If so, enter your email below.

If I know one thing.. it's that kids love stickers. My daughter would cover every square inch of our home in stickers if given the chance. There are stickers on our furniture, mirrors, walls.. you name it.
My daughter was soo excited to see these new "Annie stickers".. but I am being careful to keep them out of her reach.. otherwise I may wake up one morning to find our entire living room covered with them. :)

Thank you to everyone who has written me about the book. I am so excited about this project and am thrilled to hear that all of you are too! :)

I have another exciting "Annie item" to share with you tomorrow. Any guesses as to what it might be?



It's been a few months ago now since I announced the beginnings of my new children's book project, 

What you do not know... is that since that time, this project has literally taken on a life of it's own!

As is my nature, I love to complicate things. I love to add on. Do more. Go the extra mile.

Sooooooo.... I decided to get some fun "extras" manufactured to go along with this story book. 
Because, I guess a self published children's book just didn't seem like enough to take on. :)

These extras will be part of a "deluxe edition-gift set" that will be all packaged together with the book in
it's own special decorative box. 

AND by the way... everyone who pre-orders the book, will get the gift-set "extras" for free!

Over the next few final days leading up to the pre-order opening, 
I will be sharing pictures of these special little items. 

Up first..


I just loved paperdolls when I was a child. I don't see them around much anymore though, sadly.
I thought they would make a perfect accompaniment to the story.

 You might just recognize some of Annie's outfits! 
They are all Never Not Knitting patterns for children that can be found in my pattern store.

My daughter and I had an absolute blast cutting out these dolls last night and dressing up Annie.

Here are some of our favorite outfit combinations. :)

There are still more fun things for me to share!

Tomorrow... stickers!


Almost there!

We just received our printing proofs for our new children's story, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf.
It's so exciting to see all of the pages together like this. It's starting to feel very real!

It seems like every day something new and exciting for this project is arriving in the mail. 
I will have some very fun little "extras" to share with you shortly.

Everything is coming together and it has all turned out to be so cute. 

Pre-orders will be opening up very soon.


Cables and Knots

A few years ago now, my friend Audrey hired me to knit up this sample of her lovely Cables and Knots Scarf for her upcoming book, Reversible Scarves; Curing the Wrong Side Blues.

Now that the book is all done and in print, she kindly let me keep the sample. 

I am thrilled of course, because not only does this scarf have a great textured pattern...

But its completely reversible...

No wrong sides!

And it happens to be in my favorite color too.

I guess we know what scarf I will be reaching for this season. :)


Sand And Sea Shawlette

My fifth and final Coastal Knits pattern is now available for individual purchase.

This little shawlette is shaped using short rows. I chose a lighter lace weight yarn for the body and a heavier fingering weight for the edging to give it a bit of weight and drape.

The scalloped border in the turquoise sea-blue color is reminiscent of the tide washing up on the shore of one of my favorite local beaches in Morro Bay.

 There are many pretty versions of this little shawlette posted on Ravelry. I have enjoyed seeing which colors different knitters pair together. Here are a few of my favorites.

Knit by Jennifer. (gardenknittr on Ravelry)

Knit by Sam. (elys7 on Ravelry)

Knit by Monika. (motan on Ravelry)

Knit by Kristina. (kristinamama on Ravelry)
Knit by Kristin. (KrochetKristin on Ravelry)

Knit by Audrey. (audknits on Ravelry)

If you too are interested in knitting up a Sand and Sea Shawlette, this pattern is now available for purchase individually.

Use the coupon code "incomingtide" in the checkout process to receive 25% off the individual pattern today only.

This special code will expire on Saturday, October 6 at 11:59PM PST.

Or you can purchase the Coastal Knits e-book or print version HERE.



Gnarled Oak Cardigan

My fourth and favorite pattern from Coastal Knits is now available for purchase individually!

I absolutely love this cardigan. The cabled oak leaf motif on the yoke was inspired by one of my favorite locations, an ancient oak forest in Los Osos.

I have been so pleased with the response to this design on Ravelry.
I have enjoyed watching many gorgeous versions of this favorite cardigan pop up.

One project in particular that caught my eye was this one. I unfortunately could not get in touch with the knitter to have the permission share these photos on my blog, but I do hope you will check out this link. The sweater and photos are so pretty!

Here are some more of my favorites from Ravelry.

Knit by Sydney. (Squidneyknits on Ravelry) This version is without a buttonband, and it looks great!

Knit by Louise. (Doodlesknit on Ravelry) I love the color she chose!

Knit by Alex. (alexck on Ravelry) I always love to see my knits being worn in every day situations. :)

Knit by Jonette. (craftyjonny on Ravelry)
Knit by Mary. (dextermaine on Ravelry)

Knit by Jessica. (fascine on Ravelry)

A short sleeve version! Knit by Becky. (knittingma on Ravelry)

A tweed version! Knit by Sandy. (scass on Ravelry)

I found this next version especially sweet. This was knit by Audry (bears-ears on Ravelry) for her grandmother. I am always so flattered when knitters choose one of my designs for a gift like this. 
Her grandma looks wonderful in it!

There are so many other amazing versions of this sweater posted on Ravelry. 
Please take a look by clicking HERE.

This pattern is now available individually.

Use the coupon code "ancientforest" in the checkout process to receive 25% off the individual 
pattern today only.

This special code will expire on Friday, October 5 at 11:59PM PST.

Or you can purchase the Coastal Knits e-book or print version HERE.

Happy Knitting! :)