Rustling Leaves Beret

The first of my Coastal Knits designs is now available to purchase as an individual pattern pdf!

This is still one of my favorites... The Rustling Leaves Beret.

This beret design was inspired by the Montana De Oro eucalyptus leaves rustling in the ocean winds.

It seems as though many of you have enjoyed knitting up Rustling Leaves Berets of your very own! 
I am so pleased to see almost 500 projects listed on Ravelry, and am happy to read all of the positive comments on the project pages.

There are so many gorgeous versions, but here are a few that caught my eye.

Knit by Dana from Unwind Yarn Company. (craftygirl83 on Ravelry) Isn't her yarn gorgeous?

Knit by Kirbie. (Kirbalicious on Ravelry) Photo by Amy Kumler Photography.
This sample was knit for the fabulous store, 

Knit by Francesca. (Skytender on Ravelry)

Knit by Camilla.

Knit by Erin (Mintyfresh on Ravelry) Photos by Caro Sheridan.

Knit by Arianna. (AriannaArt on Ravelry)

Knit by Grace (Littleminky93 on Ravelry)

And I'm saving the best for last here... Just how cute is this little girl with her chicken?

Knit by Brook (SpringPeeper on Ravelry) for her "Chicken Whisperer". :)

I hope that you will enjoy knitting the Rustling Leaves Beret too!

You can now purchase this pattern individually!

Use the coupon code " Rustlinginthewind " in the checkout process to receive 25% off the individual pattern today only.
This special code will expire on Tuesday, October 2  at 11:59PM PST.

Or you can purchase the Coastal Knits e-book or print version HERE.
Have fun! :)


Suzanne said...

The photo gallery of projects is really lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing everyone's projects! Thanks so much for featuring mine... I'm really flattered! :)

Grace said...

This hat design is beautiful, it has been added to the Ravelry queue!

bluejayecrafts said...

I made six of these hats during the tour de france. As usual the pattern was written impeccably. So very easy to follow.

helena said...

Any chance those of us who already have the print version can get the digital version as well? I love your book, but I'm obsessed with having digital copies of things. Makes my entire pattern collection PORTABLE, which I LOVE.

Alana said...

Hi Helena!

Yes, we do offer a discounted e-book to all of the knitters who have previously purchased Coastal Knits from our website. Here is the link for more info. https://www.coastalknits.com/ebook.php

Thank you! :) -Alana