Happy Anniversary Coastal Knits!

I can't quite believe it.. but it has been a full year since Hannah and I released our book, Coastal Knits! Where did the time go?

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we are happy to announce that we now have a 
digital e-book version of Coastal Knits and we will soon have all of the individual pattern pdfs 
available for purchase and download!

We even have a special discount code for the e-book available to knitters who have previously purchased the printed book from our coastalknits.com website.
Click HERE for more information!

Hannah and I want to thank everyone for all of the amazing support you have given us this past year! 
We couldn't be more thrilled with the positive reaction to our designs from the knitting community.
It has been so much fun for us this past year to see all of your beautiful versions of our designs and to read all of your comments in the Coastal Knits Ravelry group.This week I look forward to sharing some of my favorite versions of your Coastal Knits garments on my blog.

All of Hannahs designs from the book are available for individual purchase right now, but I have decided to do something a bit different for my readers.

Each day, beginning tomorrow, I will be releasing a new individual pdf pattern from the book (of my Coastal Knits designs) along with a special coupon code for 25% off the featured pattern 
that day only. Be sure to check back every day this week!


Emily said...

I have not got around to reading coastal knits yet but I am planning to and have heard great things about it. :)

Megan said...

I preordered it and continue to love it. Has it really been a year?

Unknown said...

It's already a year! Whoa! Time flies!

Suzanne said...

How amazing! The designs are amazing and classic.

Jodi said...

I'm disappointed to hear that those of us who purchased the hard copy have to pay anything extra for the digital version. I really like how Ysolda and Gudrun Johnston made the e-version available for free to those who paid for the book (very helpful with errata). I definitely won't be paying for the book a second time, though it would be handy to have he errata included and be able to print out a copy to mark up while knitting on the go!

Alana said...

Hi Jodi,

Thank you for your comment. There are definitely more issues involved with our decision than you may realize. I have emailed you personally.


mommieof4munchkins said...

I purchased the book but didn't save my confirmation email so I no longer have my order code, definitely don't want to pay full price to get the same patterns :( Is there a way to get our order # without the email?

Alana said...

Yes definitely!

Please just email me at info@coastalknits.com and I will look up your transaction code for you.



Glenna said...

I purchased them both because I needed one on my kindle to carry with me and not carry that big book but I like others did not like paying for the same book twice... guess I should have just waited and gotten just the e-book. I am just about finished with the gargled Oak sweater.. I want to make another, but the other author of the book sorry I don't have her name in my brain has a new one out and I purchased one of the patterns as a pre-book order.. so many design's and so little time . Glenna