In yesterday's post.. I promised you...

S t i c k e r s!

Yes! A sheet of five glossy, durable stickers to go along with our soon to be released children's book,

This sticker sheet is part of our "Deluxe Edition-Gift Set", 
but will be included for free to everyone who pre-orders our new book.

(Pre-orders will open very soon on our new website. AnnieCanKnit.com)

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If I know one thing.. it's that kids love stickers. My daughter would cover every square inch of our home in stickers if given the chance. There are stickers on our furniture, mirrors, walls.. you name it.
My daughter was soo excited to see these new "Annie stickers".. but I am being careful to keep them out of her reach.. otherwise I may wake up one morning to find our entire living room covered with them. :)

Thank you to everyone who has written me about the book. I am so excited about this project and am thrilled to hear that all of you are too! :)

I have another exciting "Annie item" to share with you tomorrow. Any guesses as to what it might be?


Michelle said...

does this make me a kid at heart?? cause I need those stickers.....I sooooo gotta get this book, I hope my boy likes it cause he is going to be ready it....but the stickers and paper dolls are for ME!!!! hehe

congrats, super excited

WhitMc said...

I cannot wait until your book comes out! There is such a lack of knitting children's books out there, I can't wait to add yours to our (meager) collection. And do some paper dolls and stickers with my daughter!

Anonymous said...

I hope it's a doll! That would be so fun to hold an Annie doll while the book is being read to you! Or a little drawstring yarn project bag... or little wooden knitting needles (one red, one blue to make teaching easier) with Annies' head on the tip... ooohh... don't get me started! Congratulations on the book and good luck with the launch!

cinnymom said...

Sooooo excited about the book, the paper dolls, and now the stickers. It's like you know your audience or something :)

I'm hoping that the next announcement is about including knitting needles ... but you are on a roll, so anything you choose will be wonderful.

nook. said...

umm this sounds amazing! i'm looking forward to the book! xo

kamadres said...

I guess it is a post card set.
It would be fun to send some cards to people with children :-)

Charlotte kaae said...

This is the best idea ever!

emmy said...

Now I want a set for my granddaughter and one for ME!!

grandmastatus said...

I am so excited! One of my nieces is 3, and every time she sees me knitting she asks to hold the ball. She asks to try and stabs my project repeatedly. I'm definitely getting this for her! But then I'm like, what about my other niece! And my son! 0_o
Basically everyone needs a copy haha

Anonymous said...

This is SO sweet! I would like one of these for every little girl I know! :)

Unknown said...


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