It's Big, It's Brown, and It's Bathing....

Yay! It's Done! It's finally Done!!!

Well, I do still have to block it, pick up stitches for the collar, seam it all together, and put a zipper in...

But still... Its DONE!!

Up next: Brightly colored, stripy berets for my daughter...
and... maybe more projects too!

I might just cast on 2 or 12 tonight to celebrate!


Happy Blogiversary To Me....

Wow, Everyone. A whole year has passed since I started this blog! I look back at some of those early blog posts and just cringe... ahhh the pictures are so... so.. ugh....
Yes, over this year I have learned so much about knitting, blogging, taking pictures....and now for the best part... I've met all of you! We'll a lot of you.... those of you who comment anyway...
It has been so much fun for me to share my finished projects and knitting nightmares with you. I love to receive all of your kind, funny and encouraging comments.
So basically what I'm trying to say is "Thanks for reading!"
In honor of my 'blogiversary" Id like to announce a drawing for my readers...
Leave a comment under this post telling me some of your favorite blogs that you like to read. I'll randomly choose a winner and send you some yarn and the new Winter issue of Interweave Knits when it comes available.
You have until December 15th to enter.
Thanks again to all of you! All of you have really made my blogging experience so rewarding!


The "Dad Sweater" Continues...

I can't believe it.

Im still working on this danged thing and to quote my friend Audrey...
"I dont want to talk about it."


I Cant Get Enough Of These Hearts...

I mentioned previously in another post that I had knitted another heart for my daughter using the Heart Pin pattern while Hannah Fettig was signing books at the shop.
This one didn't turn out quite as well as the first due to some "Oh... no.... I'm sitting right next to a knitwear designer.... right now... knitting her pattern... oh no.. shes looking at it.. Ahhh!!!"
type feelings.
But it's still cute!
I'm just in love with these little hearts! They are so quick and easy to make up! I've seen several versions made up by different customers at the shop and one customer in particular had a really good idea. She sewed the heart onto one of her daughters hairbands and it was soo cute! So now I want to do that too!
I knit this one up on US size 2 needles with some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino left over from last season's Legwarmies.

I was going to give this heart pin to my Mom as a present.. but look at how cute it looks worn with her matching legwarmers! ... sorry Mom...
I was so happy when I pulled these legwarmies out of the drawer! They still fit!
On the pattern I guessed that they would fit ages 3 months-3 years. And it looks as though I was right! It seems that those little chubby baby legs slim down throughout the years and just get longer and leaner.

Must... make.... more....



Last week I made these Evangeline Mitts using the elbow length variation. I made them as a shop sample to advertise my upcoming cabling class at The Scarlet Skein.

I don't know if in "real life" I'd be sporting them with a short sleeved top. (What would be the point? If you are cold why not wear long sleeves, right?) But for pictures I had to wear a top that would show them off.

I liked working the pattern. It was repetitive and the cable was fun to knit and see take shape.
I used Dream in Color Classy for this project and it took less than half of a skein! I think that I could make a pair and a half out of my leftovers.

Truthfully, I am not really a variegated yarn person. I rarely go for variegated because I don't care for the wild splashes of color that can result. I do really like Dream in Color yarns though because though they are variegated, the colors are evenly distributed creating a pretty mottled effect which adds a lot of depth and interest. I love love love the way that this yarn shows off cable work. To me it makes the cables look more 3 dimensional.

I have been so good lately. I used stash yarn for this project. I bought a sweaters worth of this color "Cloud Jungle" up at Stitches West this year, and I have since decided that I don't love the color enough to tolerate a whole sweater made up from it. So I was happy to find a project to use some of it this yarn up.

I talk a lot more about this yarn in my upcoming podcast episode which will be up shortly!


Knitting with Hannah Fettig

Last weekend was so much fun! Hannah Fettig the author of Closely Knit came to The Scarlet Skein for a book event!

It was so fun to be able to meet her in person!

Everyone sat around, chatted and made her Heart Pin pattern. Of course I had to take that opportunity to make another one. I mean.. how often to you get to knit a pattern with the designer? I made the heart out of some Debbie Bliss leftovers that I think will look really cute pinned to one of Ava's dresses. Ill have to post a picture of that soon...

Afterwards she came over and Hannah, Malaree, and I had some nice knitting time together.

Yea... Im still working on the "Dad Sweater".....