Last week I made these Evangeline Mitts using the elbow length variation. I made them as a shop sample to advertise my upcoming cabling class at The Scarlet Skein.

I don't know if in "real life" I'd be sporting them with a short sleeved top. (What would be the point? If you are cold why not wear long sleeves, right?) But for pictures I had to wear a top that would show them off.

I liked working the pattern. It was repetitive and the cable was fun to knit and see take shape.
I used Dream in Color Classy for this project and it took less than half of a skein! I think that I could make a pair and a half out of my leftovers.

Truthfully, I am not really a variegated yarn person. I rarely go for variegated because I don't care for the wild splashes of color that can result. I do really like Dream in Color yarns though because though they are variegated, the colors are evenly distributed creating a pretty mottled effect which adds a lot of depth and interest. I love love love the way that this yarn shows off cable work. To me it makes the cables look more 3 dimensional.

I have been so good lately. I used stash yarn for this project. I bought a sweaters worth of this color "Cloud Jungle" up at Stitches West this year, and I have since decided that I don't love the color enough to tolerate a whole sweater made up from it. So I was happy to find a project to use some of it this yarn up.

I talk a lot more about this yarn in my upcoming podcast episode which will be up shortly!


KnittingBlueContent said...

The cables really do "pop" with this yarn!

My eye (and heart) are drawn to multi-colored yarns, and especially sock yarns, but now that I'm wanting to do actual "patterns" for socks, all my sock yarn stash is not applicable.

Seems I should have been stashing Dream in Colors all this time, LOL.

Looking forward to your next podcast, chickie.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the wildly multi-coloured yarns. But I love yarns, like this, where there is some subtle variegation, it's more interesting to look at than a plain colour.

These are gorgeous!

Dawn said...

Love the cabling with this yarn! They're lovely! I've worked with smooshy but not classy...looks wonderful!

mama dialogues said...

I love these!!

Beautiful job!

Faith said...

Those are beautiful! And you're right, the yarn actually adds to the cables, which is amazing. Very cool.

rcowlily said...

I love them. I think they are some of my favorites.