NeverNotKnitting Podcast : Episode 9 : The Dr. Seuss Sweater


Hannah at The Scarlet Skein

Heart Pin


The Dad Sweater

Stitches West 2008

Dream in Color Classy

Regia Silk

Nancy on Ravelry

The NeverNotKnitting Podcast Listeners Group

Episode 8 drawing winners are: Bean, Ikkinlala, and Lisa! Yay!

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ikkinlala said...

My luck with your podcast contests has been great lately - I'm off to send you my e-mail address!

Dawn said...

Another wonderful podcast! I soooo have the same shopping sickness as you....you should see that in me when I come into the Scarlet Skein..the wandering around, confused, dazed look...the walls of skeins...ahhhh.....Not only with yarn...everything...James and Jimmy get soooo agravated with me...they both will stand there and say "just buy it"...if I don't I usually regret it and have to go back and get it!:)

So proud of Nancy and her sweater...I'd cry having to rip out a whole sweater...she's a marvel!:) Big hugs to her!

Tinkie said...

You do such a great job on this podcast...I luh-huh-hove it!
It's nice hearing about other's escapades in the knitting arena...helps to feel a little more connected and let's face it..normal. Whatever that means!

You sure have a flair for entertainment and appreciate the extras that make me smile.

My fav?...I really like your product reviews but mostly when you review yarn...you give them personalities and I'm thinking Tracy might consider placing a "Featured in Epi #9" on the yarns you review. Would be a fun connection for us locals.

Keep up the great work and keep 'em coming!

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

Alana, I think I have a knitting knightmare for you, but the sweater turned out to be a dream. . .am going now to look for link to your email. Keep up the great work on the podcast!


Awlobo said...

Wow! I know just what you mean about shopping! I talk myself out of everything, but then in a panic tell myself to buy something, and of course, hate that quick, last minute decision! My mom called it the shopping headache, and when we were shopping for back to school things, she knew, down the minute, how long it would take for the headache to set in.