Wildflower Cardigan

The second of my Coastal Knits patterns now available for purchase as an individual pdf is..

This is my all time favorite photo from our book. 

This feminine and lightweight cardigan was inspired by the springtime wildflowers found off of Hwy 58 in Santa Margarita.

It seems as though the Winter Wheat colorway that I chose for the original has inspired many other knitters to knit up yellow versions for themselves. Here are a few that I thought were quite nice.

Knit by Rebecca. (Rubyangelfire on Ravelry) I like that she made a cropped version. Very cute!

Knit by Karen. (Quiltbaker on Ravelry) Her cat, Arwen, is a yarn snob too I am told. :)

I'm not entirely attached to the yellow cardigans. There are some other color variations that I like as well.

Knit by Kristen. (Kristenlynnea on Ravelry) I thought that this pink was especially cute.

Knit by ANOTHER Kristen. (MediaPeruana on Ravelry) I've shared some pictures of Kristen's beautiful blue version before, but I couldn't help but share another. It's awesome!

As far as finished sweater pictures go... I just love the shots that these lovely ladies sent me.
It's not often that I get to see three versions of one design in the same picture! 
 knitwit41, cdncarol and mswnola on Ravelry

"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil..."

I look forward to seeing your version next! :)
This pattern is now available individually.

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Happy Knitting!


Miss Holly said...

What a stunning cardigan.. I just love the pocket detail!!!

Kristen Rettig said...

I'm so flattered to be featured on your blog! I LOVE my Wildflower!

Unknown said...

I've just added your cardigan to my "favorite autumn sweaters" in my last blogpost. It's so beautiful, I could not resist! the pockets are charming