Inspired to join the blogosphere!!

Hey there

My name is Alana. I've been completely obsessed now with knitting and crocheting for a little over 5 years. With just now joining Ravelry, I am so inspired to finally get organized and start blogging about all of my knitting adventures.

I have been happily married now for 5 1/2 years and have a beautiful little daughter who's picture will probably be popping up a lot.

I must mention that I have THE best job. I work at my local yarn shop, The Scarlet Skein. I have taught classes there for the past 4 years, but for the past year or so I've worked at the shop as well. I really have never liked any of my past jobs so I find it such a treat to get paid doing something that I absolutely love. aka: knitting, talking about knitting, teaching knitting classes, organizing knitting supplies.
Could it get better, really?

I look forward to developing this blog more over time and making good use of my Ravelry account. I go into work again tomorrow, so we'll see what this week will bring for me in the knitting world.

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