Huge Clogs, and Lessons Learned

In a previous entry I said that I was going to get my last pair of Felt Clogs done by last Wednesday.
Well.. that didn't happen. Mainly because of this...

I agreed to alter a machine knit sweater for a customer. I cut off sections and unraveled one stitch at a time and carefully bound off the stitches on size 0 needles. I didn't think that this would be the time consuming monster it turned out to be when I took on this job. I simply thought I could snip some threads at the bottom and unravel. That didn't work out. This sweater was made with literal cotton 3 ply thread that just split, tangled and knotted up like you wouldn't believe. I maybe spent 15 hours or so getting this sweater under control.
Lesson learned: Just say no. It isn't worth it!

Despite the sweater nightmare I did get some things accomplished. I knit the second sleeve of Ava's red coat, I knit an inch or 2 on the tilted duster, seamed and finished two small projects for customers, and made two of these....

Is it a wierd hat?

Is it a completely useless toddler sleeping sack?

No! It's a pair of EVEN more gigantic Felt Clogs!

This is my last pair. These are for Jason who wears a 13-14 shoe. Are these clogs ridiculously huge or what? I'm going to visit my sister-in-law tomorrow and felt the 2 pairs in her washer. I've got a useless front loader. So i'll be posting pictures soon.

I also did a bit of spinning this week. This is the wool/tencel blend I got on my weekend trip recently.

I just love the sheen on it. I think it will knit up into a beautiful scarf. This is so not a priority though. I've got lots and lots of knitting still to do. I just have one more miscellaneous job to do for a customer then I can knit whatever I want to for a while. I've got to get that red coat done soon before Ava grows out of it. Wouldn't that be tragic. Until next time...

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