Smock Coat progress and a half naked stand mixer

I've been working on my Debbie Bliss Smock Coat exclusively since my last post and I've made some progress but oh boy is it slow going! I am determined to finish it before my self inflicted knitting deadline of February 1st! I'm going to be so extremely excited to finish this thing up!

I've now finished the two sleeves, two fronts, and a good portion of the back.
It stopped pouring long enough for me to take a quick photo of the work in progress.
Unfortunately due to all of this fantastic Smock Coat progress I've really neglected this stand mixer cover that I am making for a customer. I was doing so well knitting 2 rounds a day slowly but surely getting it done, but then I went on a Smock Coat rampage and the poor stand mixer cover has got no attention whatsoever.

Im about halfway there though...

(I am copying a knitted tea cozy that she has already.)

In other knitting news I made a hat a few weeks ago and forgot to say anything about it. I made it for a ski trip and it was so nice and warm.

The pattern name is Cosima from the book Hip Knit Hats. It was made from Tahki Bunny. I used 2 skeins and size 9 needles. It knit up really fast! I completed it in 1 day!

I think that Ava should be my hat model from now on, because I think that hats don't look very flattering on me!

Oh yes.... and I started another new project a few weeks back!

I know, I know, but this is different ok! It is a basic sock (using the formula off of this blog) that I don't have to look at to knit. I'm keeping it in the car to knit (when Im a passenger of course), and at the movie theatre. I've done pretty good on it so far, only 2 minor yarn splitting mistakes! Pretty good for knitting in the dark!

I'm knitting it out of Twisted Sisters sock yarn. I cant remember the name exactly, I cant find the label. I believe its called Zazu in fingering weight. I am using size 0 needles.


Cathi said...

Cute hat! I love that sock yarn colorway. I do the same thing - bring a sock with me in service or whenever riding in the car on these roads up in the hills. That's an adorable stand mixer cozy, but the smock coat is being made for a little human that changes sizes rapidly! So, I'd go with finishing that first, and then back to the stand mixer. It's not going to gain or lose size anytime soon!

Sheila said...

I love the Smock Coat pattern. And your version is great. I can't wait to see the finished project.

WashburnVT said...

I am working on the smock coat right now and I have a few questions. On the button hole panel of the right front after the first yo row it says to "work 6 more rows (for vertical slot) on these stitches". Does that mean in the yo pattern or seed stitch? Also, on the collar there are two rows where it says to knit 12 slip a stitch, turn and knit to end. When I turn am I knitting back over the 13 stitches (12 knit +1 slip)? Thanks!