Tilted Duster Frenzy

I have been doing a lot of knitting lately. This month I have so far seamed a sweater, made a pair of Felt Clogs, worked on the dreaded stand mixer cover, knit the heel of my sock, made two samples of the new pattern I am submitting to Knitty.com, started a Clapotis, and knitted a whole bunch on this Tilted Duster! I have been knitting crazy fast on this because I have this little fantasy of wearing it this weekend when I go to Stitches! This will be my first time attending and I guess that I just want to look "cool" wearing a hand knit sweater, and a new one at that. I think that I can finish it by Friday night if I knit like a crazy person.

On the way to Stitches in the car and while I am there I am planning to complete at least one more sample for my new Knitty submission. I have to turn that in by March 1st. So many deadlines!! If I finish that up with time to spare I HAVE GOT TO finish that stand mixer cover!!! I have of course neglected it again to get all of these um... important (?) knitting projects done.

By the way I am a little sick of always referring to it as the stand mixer cover. The name makes it even seem more boring. Can anyone think of a cool name for it?

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Rebekah said...

I have to know, the stand mixer cover is it a pattern you devloped or in a book? My mother-in-law would so love a stand-mixer cover, sadly I think my hsuband would too. Maybe it'd be a good use for some awful acrylic I have.

Clapotis, is such a nice fill in the gaps knit, and very versatile. I really did enjoy knitting it when I finally gave in.