The Large Lone Sock

This is my "on-the-go" sock that I have been faithfully knitting on every time I have been in the car as a passenger, and during every movie I've gone to in the past 3 months or so.

I was finding great satisfaction knitting this sock, knowing that I was using this

"stolen knitting time."

Creating something during times when my hands were usually idle.

Yea, well......that ended.... This sock is now making me so mad... I...I... I dont know if I even feel like grafting its stupid toe together!

Ok, you see when I first put it on, it looks ok right???

Well check it out after 2 seconds of walking around in it....

Yea, I got this much extra room, goin on here.

How did this happen?? Well, believe it or not, I did swatch. I measured my stitches per inch, measured my foot circumference and used this little chart that someone from work gave me that told me how many stitches to cast on. Well this chart said 84. 84? Now I know that sounds like alot, and I thought so too. But, I am using this teeny tiny delicate merino wool sock yarn and size 0 needles, so I thought, "I'm sure this chart knows what it's talkin about."

Well, as you can see my sock is excessively large. It falls down my leg and I dont think it would stay on if I tried to actually use it.

I, of course, feel a little depressed that I spent all of that "stolen time" knitting a sock that is too big. It looked a tiny bit big on the needles, but you know how it goes with dpn's, Its hard to know its true size.

Im just not feeling motivated to knit the second sock, or rip it out.

So, I think I'm going to take a little time to cool off, and then I will start looking for a large calved somebody with the same foot size that likes bright colors.


Mollye said...

I'll keep my eye out for a tiny footed, cankle clad, one legged......just teasing Alana. It's a lovely sock, very well made. Mollye

Unknown said...

Beautiful yarn, Alana. Maybe you should just go with the "slouch sock" look. That's a whole LOT of stitches to rip out.

sweetp said...

Oh no! But it's so pretty

Anonymous said...

That sucks! But, the yarn is very pretty!