Sock Emergency

A strange thing happened to me the other day. I looked up the word "Horrific" in the dictionary and instead of finding a definition, found this picture...

Yes. These are my lovely most favorite socks that I have ever knit, Pomatomus.

And yes, there is now a big hole in them.

It is so so sad.

I cant believe this has happened! I have never gotten a hole in any of my socks before. I treat my hand knit socks soo carefully.

I wash them with special soap... Lay them out to dry... Fold them in a special way in my sock drawer...
AND...I hardly ever wear them around the house! I always take them off as soon as my shoes come off. They are meant purely to be worn with my special shoes and then back to the drawer they go.

So how does a hole of this magnitude happened with the level of care and attention my socks receive?

You'll never guess but it was the shoes.

My favorite pair of Mary Janes have a buckle that has come loose over time and now there is a little poky part where the buckle attaches to the strap. One day after work as I was slipping my shoes off the buckle snagged on a strand of yarn and well... the rest is history.

I am just really disappointed that this happened to my favorite pair. Especially in the lovely patterned part on the top! It seems that it would be so much easier to fix and hide if the hole was in the stockinette portion.

Why did this have to happen to the pair of socks that took me a month to knit.. and that I painstakingly swatched for in 3 different yarns? Why couldn't my ugly, saggy first pair of socks been snagged? WHY?!?

I am not sure how to fix it. Does anyone have any good ideas for me?


Allegra said...

so sorry to hear about the hole in your sock! i just discovered one in my favorite pair of handknits as well, my Monkey socks. There's no saving the sock, hope you are able to save yours!

Jen Smith said...

Oh Alana, I feel your pain!

Hopefully you have a teeny tiny ball of this yarn leftover. With it, you could darn the hole a bit. It's hard to figure out in a lace pattern, but I know you could do it! And if not, well, closing the hole may be the best option. Weaving and weaving and weaving.

I have a plastic baggy full of tiny balls of leftover sock yarn just in case anyone reports a hole like yours. So far no one has...but it's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I'll mourn for your loss D:

If you find out how to fix them let me know. My MIL wore the leyburn socks I knit her ONCE and the heel blew out & there's a hole in the top of the sock (close to were yours is).

I don't know if it was the shoe, the yarn (kiogu) or a moth. I've never had anything lik this happen before.