NeverNotKnitting Podcast Episode 13 : The Magickal Earth And The AstroTurf


Dancing Ewe Yarns

Selbu Modern

Sienna Cardigan

Watermelon Sweater

Playful Stripes Cardigan

Manos Cotton Stria

This episodes knitting tip was brought to you by Kristoemily


The "Hungry Stitch" Method

Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift

Stitches West

The Magickal Earth Shawl on Ravelry and Photobucket


NeverNotKnitting Ravelry Group

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Julie said...

That hat is really beautiful. I am also a continental knitter and for the life of me I just can't make it work knitting English.

I love your blog, thanks so much for stopping by my way!

CeRae said...

Enjoyed listening to episode 13 while never not folding laundry! Knitswithpenguins' story had me cracking up! Thanks again Alana :)

Learner Ros said...

I love the story from Knitswith penguin's!!

Leah said...

Thanks for another great podcast -- and the great tip about the Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift from Dancing Ewe! I put in my order yesterday and I can't wait to try it!