Kits For "Sheepish" Are Available!

This kit has lovingly been put together by Dancing Ewe Yarns and contains all the materials you will need to create your very own "Sheepish" sweater. It includes all the yarn, the pattern, and the unique 'handmade in South Africa' sheep buttons that make this sweater extra cute!

I think that this kit would make a perfect baby shower gift for an expectant knitter or a soon-to-be grandma! Especially if they haven't yet found out the gender of the baby, since this sweater could be worn by a boy or a girl.

The sheep themselves take only a tiny bit of the angora blend yarn and the darker trim takes only a partial skein as well. The "Sheepish" kit includes exact yardage amounts making the kits more cost effective. Also you won't be left with those pesky partial skeins of yarn left over!

The kits are available here.

If you are interested in purchasing the button pack only, please call Dancing Ewe Yarns at

(509) 962-5648

They will be happy to send them out to you!


Anonymous said...

OMG these kits are so damn cute! I wish the only little girl I have to knit for didn't live in Phoenix so she could get cute sweaters too. As is I'll just have to live through your pictures. You are really showing a talent for designing! Great job!

Kate said...

My buttons are on the way! Can't wait.

Liz said...

These kits would be a perfect knit for my boy/girl twins. I think the cow bell is a great touch!

Monica said...

OMG, so cute! This is definitely going to be my project to knit for a friend who's expecting and in my knitting group. I love the idea of the kits, especially because the little trims don't take up full skeins, and how often am I going to use angora? (not too often!) I actually priced out the yarn & all the patterns separately and the kits are definitely a good deal, since everything's already in one place for you.

WickedPyssa said...

These are so cute, I love the kit and the buttons absolutely rock!

Anonymous said...

such a great design! the buttons are perfect! the smallest details can really make a pattern.

knittingtrex said...

As a new listener, I'm super sad that dancing ewe yarns is closed.