Ravelympics Day 3: Little Helping Hands

This is what I've created since yesterday. And Yes.
Little intarsia pieces like this take awhile when knitting with 4-ply cotton on size 1 needles!

I can see that just getting this little guy knit up
for the ravelympics is going to be a challenge in itself.

The funny thing about knitting up these toys is
seeing my daughter's reaction during the process.
She is always talking about her new toys, and questioning my speed and knitting ability.

"Mom! Are you done with my toy yet?"
"What is that thing?"
"Why are you making it like that?"

...Can't wait until she's a teenager.. :)


Unknown said...

I think it's so cute that she thinks you can insta-knit. Like, BAM, here's your toy honey. :)

Virginia G said...

Fabulous. There's nothing like having the baby zen master question every move when you're attempting to finish a project on deadline.


Looks like you've made some progress since yesterday!

Unknown said...

Nice that you have a lovely time stitching up things for her.The colorful dress...of a doll?looks very pretty to me.


Anonymous said...

lovely! i think we're going to have a fun time guessing... :)

Anonymous said...

My son is terrible about waiting for toys to be knit. He hounded me for a month after I mentioned I would knit him a monster a la "Where the Wild Things Are". :)