Mini Water's Edge

The second Coastal Kids pattern has now been released! 

Introducing Mini Water's Edge by Hannah Fettig.

This is a tiny children's version of the original Water's Edge Cardigan pattern from Coastal Knits.

Isn't it so cute? This design works so well for little ones.

Click HERE for more information about this design.

It's available for purchase HERE. Enjoy!


Suzanne said...

It's no stretch to see how this sweater is perfect resized for younger people.

Karen said...

Hi Alana, I am soooo glad you are back. I purchased Coastal Knits and love the book. You do not have to apologize that you took a leave of absense. Having a baby can be grueling on hormones and energy levels. I totally understand. I love your story about the aphagan from your neighbor that you knew as a child. I am not as sweet as you. I would have said I really do not have the time to make this. Thank her for considering you but I would have been more firmer. I have so many people donating yarn and stuff to me about 80% of it goes to Goodwill or Trash bin. I smile and take it and thank them. Can't wait to hear you each month. Sorry I missed you at Stitches (I can hardly believe you did a booth) WOW. Thanks again for a wonderful organized and entertaining podcast!