Sheepish Revisited

My kids are getting big. :(

My daughter is in first grade and that newborn baby of mine turned 1 without even asking me.

But on the bright side... he can now fit into a 12 month sample of my "Sheepish" cardigan design.
I loved seeing my daughter wear this little sweater years ago when I made it for her, (Hers was in a size 2) and it is equally fun seeing it again on my baby boy.

Its a great versatile pattern. Soft, cozy and sheepy. :)

(And by the way.. over the years many knitters have written me about these fabulous sheep buttons. They are available from this website here. They really do make the sweater!)


Renee Anne said...

Don't you hate it when the baby gets older without permission. Mine turned 2 on me last month and I keep wondering where the last year went...little stinker, he is!

By the way, I gave two of the deluxe books away to my nieces for Christmas gifts :) I kept one for myself, of course, but I thought the two almost-five year olds would enjoy them.

Judy said...

Adorable kids....but you already knew that! ;-)


Anita said...

Hi Alana,
Not to scare you or anything but your daughter may be in first grade but suddenly they are a teenager!! Enjoy the journey though, it is amazing.
Cheers, Anita.

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

Sooo, so sweet!

Charlotte kaae said...

It is so cute, with ore with out children from the age of 30, the years fly faster.

Unknown said...

thanks for reminding me, i really want to knit this sweater for our wee one!

Unknown said...

My huge 11 week old just started wearing the Pebble vest that I made for his older brother 2 years ago and he is wearing the longies I made for my oldest 4 years ago. Love how these handmades are worn by more than one child.


Kristen Rettig said...

Beautiful family!

Julie said...

Oh, your children are so beautiful!! that must be amazing to see your little boy in the sweater you knit so long ago. Imagine one day many years from now, seeing a little grandbaby in the same sweater!