Stitches West 2013 Recap

I am back from Stitches West and I have to say.. it was hard as expected.. but I had so much fun!

I loved the set up of our corner booth.

Lisa's yarn display was stunning as usual..

I absolutely loved sharing the experience with my daughter this year. She excitedly dressed up as "Annie" from the book Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf and had a blast at the book signings. She even made a new knitting friend at the show. :)

I was  so happy to hear all of the enthusiasm for my new Botanical Knits book! Many knitters stopped by the booth and showed me their projects or even came wearing the actual items!

I also got to see some friends old and new...

Audry from Bear Ears showing off her gorgeous Celestarium Shawl from Twist Collective Winter 2012.
The constellations in the night sky are represented in lace. So cool!

Podcasters Sharlene and Gayle. I adore the Yarniacs podcast! And Gayle is wearing her Pressed Leaves beret from Botanical Knits!

Eileen (Redsknits on Ravelry) as the self named "Crazy Coastal Knits Lady".
She brought 4 Coastal Knits garments to show me in person. LOVE.

My Mom and Dad came to the show too! Here's my Dad wearing his handknit sweater from a few years back.

Audrey Knight from Audknits.com here wearing her Sprouts scarf pattern from her new book, Reversible Scarves!

I also ran into this little cutie wearing the Very Cherry Dress that her mother knitted for her. So sweet!

Last but not least.. my baby boy made an appearance at Stitches West too.

When he wasn't hanging out with Lisa's adorable baby, Jasper....

He had a fabulous time making messes and running away from me as quickly as he possibly could.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by this past weekend and said hello. I really enjoyed my time at the convention this year.. seeing friends, chatting with knitters.. and oh yes... buying yarn.

Check back tomorrow to see all of the fun stuff that came home with me!


Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

Looks like you (and "Annie") had a great time! So glad...and thanks for sharing!

Renee Anne said...

Those little boogers are quick, aren't they?! I didn't get to Stitches West because we were busy moving across the bay. I'm sad, too, because I was supposed to take a class on Saturday morning. ::sigh::

Perhaps next year...

Truly Myrtle said...

It looks like such good fun :)
I love how it's such a family affair - YAY!

Laura said...

OMG, that photo of your daughter signing the book for her friend is priceless! My daughter is the same age and has been knitting on and off for years but it had never really "stuck". Annie has kicked up her interest once again so thank you for that!

Kristen Rettig said...

I'm sorry I missed you, I went by late Sunday. It was a great show and your booth was beautiful!

Unknown said...

I LOVE that your daughter went. I'm sure she had a blast and felt very important!

Carol said...

Thanks for posting my photo and thanks for the great designs.