The Big-Blogiversary-Black Friday-Book Sale!

In honor of my 6 year "blogiversary" I have decided to run a little sale starting midnight
(Black Friday) November 29th and extending through Dec 1 until 11:59 pm. 
Please note that the sale will be scheduled according to Pacific Standard Time.

All printed books will be 50% off during this 3 day sale.

That means half off of...

        Botanical Knits                Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf               Coastal Knits

Please click on the above links to visit the respective ordering website for each book. 
I'm sorry, but shipping fees cannot be combined. Each website will calculate the shipping costs for you for each product individually. 

Thank you everyone for all of the support you have given me for the past 6 amazing years of blogging. 
I hope that you enjoy the sale! Have fun! :)


torirot said...

Congratulations! Thank you so much for this offer, just ordered a Christmas present for myself :-)

camby said...

Thanks for the sale! I just enjoyed it!