Sprig Cloche

I just received the photos of my new hat design, Sprig Cloche, from the beautiful Julie Crawford of knittedbliss.com. This hat pattern will be included for free with pre-orders of Botanical Knits 2 on our website. I will also release the Sprig Cloche pattern for sale in July.

I'm awfully excited about this little hat.

After the popularity of the Oak Trail cloche pattern from Botanical Knits, I wanted to try and create the cloche style hat shape once more. This time I experimented with increasing, decreasing and short rows to create an asymmetrical brim, much like the neckband of the Sprig sweater from Botanical Knits 2.

This hat is stylish and can be worn many ways. Julie is wearing it in more of a slouchy style in this photograph, but it can also be worn very low on the forehead. Additionally the "sprig" of foliage can wrap in the other direction around the opposite ear.

I think that you will find this pattern to be another fun and interesting knit. I look forward to releasing it!


French Nanny said...

I already purchased teh e-version of Botanicl Knit 2. Will I lso get the free pattern?


Unknown said...

O! I love this blog! Thanks!

Michelle said...

Loooooove! All these botanical knits are amazing! Not to mention they go well with my wedding theme!

sharonathemom said...

So glad I pre-ordered! Love this hat!

Carla said...

Absolutely perfect

knittingdragonflies said...

Very pretty! Can't wait!

Tina said...

I love it. I also LOVE this model...she looks so happy and displays your patterns in such a lovely way!