Remembering Cordova

Last week I returned home from the Fiber and Friends knitting retreat in Cordova, Alaska where I was invited to work as an instructor.

To be completely honest, it was probably the most amazing place I have ever been and it was one of the most fun weeks I have ever had. I feel so very privileged to have been invited to be a part of this amazing event.

I wanted to share a few pictures of my time in Cordova but these unfortunately were taken on my cell phone and do not capture the beauty like my Cannon camera would have. I was so worried about traveling with my expensive camera that I did not bring it. Am I kicking myself now? You bet.

Cordova is small and remote with no roads connecting it to any other place. It is considered a rain forest with an expected rain fall of approx 120-180 inches per year. Everywhere you look it is lush and green, with clear calm ocean and snow capped mountains in the background. The ground is littered with wildflowers, berry bushes and moss. It felt so clean and peaceful there.

The turquoise waters are a result of glacier run off.

Although Cordova is a remote fishing village in Alaska, it has a thriving knitting community. Dotty, the owner of The Net Loft, was the organizer of this wonderful knitting retreat and just celebrated her store's 30th anniversary! Never could I have imagined that there would be a yarn store in such a tiny town, never mind the fact that it has been there for 30 years! Not to mention.. this was literally the nicest, most well stocked yarn and craft store I have. ever. seen. 

I could have spent the entire week in that store.
Good thing they offer mail order!

This is just one tiny corner of a two-story shop!

Everyone I met in Cordova was so very hospitable and welcoming. Everywhere we looked there was a display of Cordova wildflowers, homemade baked goods and a pot of tea. 
They really made everyone feel right at home.

The classes themselves went great! I taught 6 classes while I was there. The knitters who attended were wonderful. It was really exciting to meet so many knitters from so many places and who traveled from all different parts of the world to be in Cordova for this event. 

Despite this, I have to say that the highlight of my teaching had to be the kid's "learn to knit" class! 
It is always so fun to help create new knitters!

Look at all of those kids! Thank goodness I had quite a few adult helpers!

My time in Cordova is an experience that I will always remember. I hope to someday bring my family there and share this amazing place with them as well. I highly suggest that everyone try to visit Cordova if they can. It was such a unique and beautiful town.

In an effort to bring home a piece of Cordova, I brought back 2 special skeins that were promptly knit up into two small hats for my daughter.

The first skein is this amazing tonal color from the company Skeins in the Stacks. It is actually hand-dyed with wild berries from Cordova! 

The rose was created the last night we were there at the Net Loft. Dotty showed all of us how to create these pretty roses with ribbon from her shop.

 The next was a gorgeous skein of Snow Capped yarn which was kindly provided to all of the attendees. Snow Capped is also hand-dyed in Cordova. This particular colorway is special because it was inspired by a painting of Cordova wildflowers.

I know that when I see these special knitted hats, I will remember the beauty of Cordova and the time I spent there.

Thank you to Dotty and everyone at The Net Loft for organizing such a wonderful week and for sharing your beautiful town with us all.

I can't wait to go back!


Andee said...

It looks like an amazing place and an amazing experience!

Carla said...

So very gorgeous! Love that scenery

Unknown said...

really amazing picture to see,i feel like going to cordova.nice flower on that cap

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Studio JF said...

Lovely Alana I'm so glad for you, I follow your blog time ago and I can tell you I'm so proud for you and your daugther is so big right now !!!!
Love for your family and thanks for all!!
I hope that we can meet us... is difficult because I'm from Spain... but, you never know :)

Stephinie said...

My kids *SO* enjoyed taking your class! We were home visiting family for a wedding and got to attend several classes during the week, what a wonderful couple of days....

Anonymous said...

Where did that big girl come from? Having lived there several years, I can say that Alaska is absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

Alana, my girls & I sooo enjoyed your classes and your presentation! You are an inspiration to us all!

Unknown said...

Those hats are great - and the yarn store looks like so much fun! I could spend hours in there!

penelope10 said...

What a beautiful visit to Alaska! Such great pictures!
Your daughter looks so grownup. That yarn is luscious , want!!

AudKnits said...

What a fantastic adventure! I loved your pictures which told the story so beautifully.

Unknown said...

what an amazing sounding experience, and that yarn shop *swoon* it sounds like you had a fabulous time and I would love love to also go to a knitting retreat jenny xx

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

I had to look at a map to discover where Cordova is - literally on the other side of the world to where I live in Switzerland, otherwise not dissimilar!!
But to find a wool shop like that there… WOW!!!
It must be pretty difficult to get to Cordova?!
Beautiful :)

The Net Loft said...

We carry special memories of your presence here in town, and especially smile thinking of the Sheridan Glacier Wild RIde....Great to have both you and Rebecca.
Thanks so much Alana for joining us. Come see us again anytime!
Fond regards,

The Net Loft said...

We certainly enjoyed your presence here in Cordova. It was a special week for all of us. I especially smile when I think of the Sheridan Glacier Wild Ride. Please come see us again anytime!

knittybarb said...

Alana - it sounds like you had an amazing time! Alaska is so special. We traveled there in our RV a couple of years ago and could not get enough of this beautiful part of the world! Thank you for sharing it with us!