The Anniversary Hat

Today is our 6th Anniversary!

I cant believe how much time has past since our wedding day! Six years seriously just flew by!
I also can't believe that six years ago, I didn't know anything about knitting or crocheting.
What did I do with my time????

Last year for our anniversary, I made my husband a knit hat. He wore it almost everyday and with so much wearing and washing it has gotten seriously stretched out of shape. It was knit from 100% alpaca which I have found doesn't have a lot of memory. It is also insanely fuzzy now and you can no longer see the stitch definition. He still wears it though, but it looks ridiculous because he has to tuck it behind his ears to keep it on his head.
He really needed a new anniversary hat.

I made this new one for him using the Rustic Cables pattern, and some leftover Zara Plus yarn from my Tilted Duster sweater. It fits him great! And the wonderful thing about this new hat is that it can go in the laundry pile because it doesn't require special washing instructions.

The Zara yarn also really has great stitch definition.

I wanted to take a picture of my husband wearing it but he is shy about website modeling. :)


sweetp said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Cathi said...

Aaawwwwe...Happy anniversary you two! Love the hat, Alana.

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! hugs, Dawn