Gauge Swatch Workshop

I am sort of getting a reputation at work as
"the gauge swatch nazi"
because I am always bugging everyone about swatching.
It is just too vital of a step to skip.

I have come to realize that a lot of knitters are confused about gauge, so I thought this subject would make a great workshop.

Starting in June, I will be offering a gauge swatch workshop, which will be a one hour class. The students will learn what stitch gauge is and how to properly make and measure a swatch. We will discuss the reasons for swatching, and I may even share some horror stories about what can happen if you choose not to swatch.

It may get ugly.

Students will need to bring either: yarn and pattern for a project they would like to make, or just a spare skein of yarn with the ball band still attached. Please bring several needle sizes to the class because we may need to knit a couple of swatches in different needle sizes, until we get the right measurement.

Class dates:
Saturday, June 14th 10-11am
Saturday, June 28th 3-4pm
cost: $15

Please call Tracy or I down at the shop if you would like to sign up, or have any questions. I will be offering this class again over the next couple of months, so be sure to check the website for current class dates and times.

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