The Dad Sweater

In a previous post, I had promised you complicated, scary sweater projects.
This one may not be complicated, but it is scaring me a bit...

Meet the "Dad Sweater"

I started this sweater for my Dad a few weeks ago now and I like the pattern quite a bit.

The simplistic ribbing with the tweed is a perfect combination in my opinion. It's just a nice, plain, masculine sweater that should be very versatile to my Dad's wardrobe.

My Dad is a salesmen and I think that this sweater will keep him warm when he is on the job and look good over a nice collared shirt paired with the tan slacks he always wears.

Why is this sweater scaring me? The pattern, although a nice design, has some pretty glaring errors that make me apprehensive about how this will turn out. Also, even though it is easy to work on (How mindless is ribbing, right?) It is ALOT of ribbing. This thing is gigantic! I've never knit a man's sweater before. What a huge size difference!

This taupe was actually not my first color choice. I had originally had my eye on the dark chocolate brown that I had used to make my Dad's hat. Guess what? Discontinued.
So I decided to go with this color because it is very neutral, and I'm glad that I did. The color is right in between gray and brown so I think it will work nicely with both colors.

I can't wait to give my Dad his finished sweater. I am excited because I think it will make a very special present.

My Dad is very important to me and I feel like handknitting a sweater for him is just a small thing I can do to show him how much I care about him.

.....plus, I finally forgave him for never wearing the socks I made for him 2 years ago....


sweetp said...

Oh my goodness. In awe..... RIB!! and MAN!!! size. I admire your fortitude

Dawn said...

Wow wee your dad is going to love it! He'll be sooo proud of you and when he wears it he'll tell everyone you made it!:) Love and hugs!