NeverNotKnitting Podcast : Episode 2 : The Horrors of Late Night Knitting


Kari said...

I really enjoy listening to your podcast! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your amelie sock pattern. I can't believe knitty turned it down! As soon as I have a working printer I'm going to purchase a copy. Please don't be discouraged!

Unknown said...

what a delightful podcast! You are doing a great job. I am emjoying listening to it.

Dawn said...

You're doing an awesome job on the podcast! I've been really busy lately so having to catch up on them! I really need an ipod...it'd make it sooo much easier. I have a Dell MP3 but it doesn't do podcasts...need a new one in Pink!:) love and hugs

Tucana's Dream said...

the Winter Wonderland Coat is wonderful!
Thank you for mentioning!

If you like that one, maybe you would like the Sylvi coot too!
It's a bit my obsession lately.
I hope knitting it someday!

Thanks for your podcasts! I love them realy much!
(great to listen to while knitting Very Cherry ;o))

Andrea said...

you sound so depressed about being rejected!
The portion about buying the yarn for the coat had me laughing out loud. I LOVE this podcast!

9crafty11 said...

I've just started listening to your podcasts & have enjoyed them so far. I'm moving into my recently renovated craft room, surrounded by mess, listening to you & laughing my head off at some points. I hope nobody is watching me whilst I'm doing this, as they would think I'm mad!
Looks like I have heaps to catch up to!