Green Sleeves

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last knitting post.
It was so great to get everyone's opinions about which pattern to choose for my silk yarn.
I thought that I had made my mind up. Last night I was quite certain that I was going to knit the tank. Then I saw this picture.. and I started feeling conflicted once again.
So I guess you'll just have to wait and see which one I choose when the time comes.
Thank you again though for all of the great input and suggestions. Funny stuff.

Meanwhile. I have 2 green sleeves now.

I just have to attach them to this... and well.. Ill have another green sweater to add to the wardrobe.
Because we all know that I don't have enough of those.

It feels so good finishing this.


CeRae said...

Is it just me.... or do all of your knitted stitches look PERFECTLY even and PERFECTLY... perfect? How do you do that? Is it a tension thing? Can't wait to see the whole sweater together!

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

You can never have too many green sweaters! You llook fabulous in every shade of green I have seen on you!


Beautiful knitting. Lovely color. It will be great to see the rest!

Anonymous said...

That's going to look nice. I like that shade of green. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Christine said...

Ooh-la-la! Love the Siena Cardi! Good choice on the tank, BTW. I can't belive Bliss put a seam so prominently over the shoulder, right thru the middle of the lace pattern, [Yuck!] You just saved me a project idea! Thanks Alana.

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, and I really love your necklace too.