Its not Green.. its LIGHT OLIVE

Liesl is finished! I will be posting modeled shots of it this weekend.

Let's just pretend I didn't make another green sweater, ok? Do I have a problem or what?

Is there a green sweater addiction group available?

This project went soo fast. It could easily be knit in only a couple of days! It also only took 4 skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed. I will be reviewing this yarn in Episode 16 of the NeverNotKnitting podcast, which will be airing later on tonight.

It was a fun fast knit. I'm looking forward to wearing it!


Rene Sharp said...

It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see some photos of you wearing it! Love your blog. Your knitting is just perfect and your photography is awesome!

Dawn said...

Gorgeous...love, love that color! Hey, it's a different color of green!:) Might have to add that one to the queue!:) hugs

Christine said...

Check out the little ladybug! It caught my eye as I clicked to another page and I had to click back to make sure I really saw it.