Ravelympics Day 6: I-cords

This little toy that I am making for the "Ravelympics" requires many knitted I-cords.
So that's what I was doing today. I-cords. And lots of them.

I-cord trivia: Do you know why they are called I-cords?

Answer: Elizabeth Zimmerman named these little knitted tubes "Idiot Cords" in honor of her accidental discovery of the simple technique. "I-cord" for short. :)

So there you have it... an idiotic mistake turned knitting invention!

Learn how to knit one HERE with this video tutorial.


Anonymous said...

I-cords are awesome! I'm kind of insulted by the name... :D Hope you had fun with them : )

Lauren said...

Thanks for the video! I didn't realize making an i-cord was so easy!

Lindsay Jean said...

What a fantastic piece of trivia! Thanks for sharing.