New Pattern Store!

As you might have noticed lately, I've been making a few changes around here!
One of the things I've added is a new and improved pattern store that enables you
to purchase several patterns at once instead of one at a time.

View the pattern store tutorial below.

I hope that you enjoy this change! :)


Anonymous said...

Alana your new look is great ~ love the pattern store feature.

Poethead said...

I have noticed the changes on your site. I think all you've done is very positive. The site looks great.

Dawn said...

Bought Cedar Leaf at Knit & Pearl boutique.....should have you autograph it!:)

Betsy said...

Alana, I got to see your trunk show at Jessica Knits today - very nice! I just love the haltermelon and matching sweater. You are so creative!

stufenzumgericht said...

Hi Alana,
you have so beautiful pattern. I've just finished my version of the CLS,and it was great fun, knitting it! Yesterday I ordered the Cosette Pattern, thal I'll start this weekend. On my blog, you'll find some photos of my CLS.
Greatings from Germany, Martina

Victoria H said...

I am new to knitting but have become quickly obsessed! I have just discovered your blog and beautiful patterns and would love to try a couple. I will be knitting for my daughter but she is 8 and most of your patterns only go to 6. Any chance you will offer them in a larger size? I love the Spring Tee and Very Cherry and so many others!

Alana said...

Hi Victoria!

Thank you!

Right now most of my patterns stop at size 6, but I will be adding some sizes to some of my patterns in the future, so stay tuned!

Have you seen Chloe? That goes up to size 12.

Alana :)

Victoria H said...

I have seen Chloe and I am pretty sure I am going to buy it this weekend...I love the color choices too!