The NeverNotKnitting Podcast : Episode 40 : The Dixie Do-Over

Episode 40


The Winner of Episode 39's Fiber Company drawing giveaway is Chantal B! Congratulations!

For the current promotion:

The Funky Carolina promotion has been changed as of 8/5/10.

To minimize confusion, both US and international customers will receive 10% off their order through the month of August.

To receive your discount, just enter special code "NNK" in the comments section when you place your order. The discounted amount will then be refunded back to you.

Also be sure to listen to the podcast to find out about the "exclusive" Funky Carolina shopping opportunity!

These offers are exclusive to the Never Not Knitting listeners and blog readers! Have fun!

Click HERE to download Episode 40 MP3 file.


Anonymous said...

As always, I enjoyed your episode. (And I'm a huge Kate O. fan!) Have a great podcast break. :) I hope you'll still keep us posted on stuff via your blog.

Unknown said...

Love the show, good luck with the move.
Marion ST

Meegan said...

Wow! Another move! I hope it goes smoothly for you and that you continue feeling better! I will miss you on the break!

Leonbergerdogs Knitter said...

Another great podcast! I love the Funky Carolina fibers! I just recently picked up spinning and got a wheel, so when I saw these beautiful fibers I got excited that your podcast listeners would get first dibs at the newest update. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that there weren't any new updates on 8/4. Instead it seems that the update was done on the 3rd and I only listened to the podcast on the 4th. So I'll have to hope that I win the drawing! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Also, you sound as though you are feeling much better and I'm so glad to hear it in your voice! Continued good health and good luck with your next move!

Alana said...

Leonbergerdogs Knitter: Check out Carries website store! There is an update there!


LisaK said...

Great episode. And I love the Funky Carolina fiber. I was bummed that I listened to the podcast on the 5th and the update to FC's Etsy site was the 4th.... Yep - nothing left at all in teh store.

Jessica said...

A wonderful episode! Have a great podcast break! Can't wait to hear what you've been up to in October!!
JPeled on ravelry

she knits said...

I am having so many enjoyable hours knitting along to your podcasts Alana :0) I just had my 1st spinning wheel delivered on Friday, It would be amazing to win some lovely fibre to spin with :0)
Love Mel

Dutchgirl63 said...

I've finally caught up on all your podcasts. I was sooo excited to hear about your fiber review. I'm really new to spinning and loved hearing about another fiber place I must stalk. Keep up the great podcasts!!

Vallican, BC