Cascading Fuchsias and Toddler Tangling

My Cascading Fuchsias Market Bag is finished! I felted the bag last night and I'm just waited for it to dry before having the lining put in. I am not a confident seamstress so a friend is doing it for me. I should get some finished project pictures up in a week or so depending on how long it takes her to put in the lining.
Here are a few pictures I took before the bag was felted.

The green floral fabric will be the main lining, and the two other fabrics will be used for contrasting pockets. I can't wait to see it when it is all done! I think it will be sooo cute!

By the way...A two year old+a ball of yarn+30 seconds unsupervised=


sweetp said...

Lol at your yarn. Have some that looks amazingly similar!!
With the bag...do you felt it altogether the way you have it sitting there, or do the flowers separately? It looks lovely.

Arianwen said...

That is lovely! I just cast it on.

Linda F. said...

I am working on the same bag. I have a question and e-mailed you. It likely is in your spam file, so would you please look there for it. It's from celtictrek@yahoo.com.