Ribs and Ruffles

I've just finished knitting the Misty Chunky Ribs and Ruffles Scarf. This is one of the two projects that I am gifting this month. This is going to a women that I haven't yet met, so I was conservative with the style and color choice. A linen color goes with everything right?

It's a really cute pattern. It is interesting because the "ribs" are just made by slipping stitches. There is not one purl stitch in this entire scarf!

I love how the ruffle adds interest and a touch of femininity.

I used 2 complete skeins of Misti Alpaca Chunky, and size 13 needles. If you have never used Misti Alpaca before, I would highly recommend it. It is so soft and luxurious.

I did make some modifications to this pattern... I wanted a more substantial scarf so I doubled the width. I cast on 120 instead of 60. When I was done with the ruffle, I increased one stitch in the first pattern row so that the rib pattern would work up correctly. On the first row of the ending ruffle decrease one stitch to make the two ruffles match.

I hope she likes it!


Stephanie said...

very pretty.

Dawn said...

Love the scarf...I love that yarn...its soooo yummy. Good thing we didn't come up that way...I was in urgent care for over seven hours having iv's and such...ugh! Feeling a little better today thank goodness. Take care!