Leaves Sweater

Well.... here it is... my crocheted Leaves Sweater.

It is not my favorite sweater that I have made but I think that it turned out okay. I could have picked a size smaller and gotten rid of some of the boxy look. But it could be worse.

This sweater was crocheted from the book Crochet Me. The design is by Annette Petavy. What I like about this sweater design is the construction. The waist shaping and set in sleeves are very uncommon in the crochet designs of previous decades. It makes the sweater fit much more like a knitted garment. The other nice thing about this design as well as the others in the book, is that the pattern calls for a larger hook size and a small yarn weight. This produces a lighter fabric and better drape. Crochet is usually so stiff!

This sweater has been heavily modified. If you will notice there are no leaves in this Leaves Sweater. The pattern calls for leaf like thingys hanging down from the hem. I liked them in the pictures but when I started crocheting them onto my sweater I decided that it looked entirely too "Peter Pan-ish" especially with this color green.

I also added 2-3 inches in length to the body and the sleeves, and didn't sew on any seed beads as the pattern called for.

Unfortunately this pattern really gave me trouble. It was riddled with errors. Hopefully there are corrections posted. Usually I am happy to post corrections to the patterns that I knit or, in this case crochet, but this had so many that I gave up trying to keep track. Also in my opinion the pattern was poorly written. Some parts were explained in perfect detail while other areas were vague. There are no stitch counts provided for you to check your work and that bothers me. I hate to complain so much because I know how difficult it is to write a pattern, but I feel that I should give fair warning to those who are interested in this design.

I am very comfortable with crochet so I was able to work out these issues. If you are experienced with crochet this is also a doable project for you. The design I think is very cute.

The other change that I made is on the sleeves. I mimicked the bottom border pattern so that it would match the sweater. I really like the edging pattern and I would use it again on a future crochet project. Whenever I get around to that.

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Stephanie said...

It's a pretty color and I like it much better without the bottom leaf type thingies.