Something strange happened last night....

Inexplicably I sat down at my spinning wheel.

I haven't spun in about hmm... a million ..or so.. years now. But for some reason last night I really wanted to spin. I actually started this spinning project about a year ago and never really expected myself to finish it.

But hey, I did! Now I have about 250 more yards of laceweight to add to the ever growing, out-of-control yarn stash.

I have some patterns in mind. But I need your help. Should I make "Ice Queen" or "Abby"?
I like Ice Queen better because I think that the lace pattern is prettier, but since this is not a super duper consistent yarn <I haven't spun in like a year, remember?> perhaps Abby would be better suited... What do you think?


Heather D. said...

Wow, it's gorgeous!! I love the shot of it nestled in the tea cup. Gives more of an idea of how fine it is. :)

sweetp said...

Abby :D

Dawn said...

Can see it knit up in the Abby! Look at you, you talented one!:)

Cathi said...

It looks like a "single" (unply'ed) yarn, right? I'd suggest Abby since it looks like she used a similar yarn. Kidsilk Haze is a lot tougher than it looks, and can hold up to the beads in Ice Queen (and the stitch pattern) and you may end up cursing your pretty little skein of yarn if you tried Ice Queen with it.

Chrissy T said...

Hi There, I was just looking online for some shortcuts for the felted clogs. I've been racking my brain but my shortcuts dont seem to be doing much. I live in Vancouver BC so I am unable to sign up for any classes but would love to know your tricks anyways!

If you would be so kind as to email me I would greatly appreciate it! Christmas is coming soon and I can use all the help I can get!

my email is chrissyt@wespacelectric.com

thank you!


Rebekah said...

Hi - here's an unrelated comment, sorry but seems to be the only way to contact you.
I am a stay at home mum living in New Zealand. I am in the process of starting up a business selling hand knits for babies. Most of my patterns are inspired by vintage patterns. However, I have discovered your leg warmies pattern and I love it! Just wondering if you'd let me use it in my range? I'd be happy to acknowledge you as the designer and link to your blog.
Anyway, let me know what you think,
my email is brenandbek@gmail.com

Dawn said...

Nominated you for an award on my blog!