I've got Blog Awards coming out of my ears!

WOW! Thank you, thank you to everyone who sent me a Blog Award in the last couple of weeks! What a compliment!

This one was sent to me by Gabes from SweetPknits. I met her through Ravelry awhile back and she is so sweet! Thank you Gabes, for the award!

And this one was given to me by AngelKnits who I also met a while back through Ravelry. This knitter is awesome! She has a great sense of style and is always inspiring me! Thank you!

This award was given to me by Knittinwolf who is maybe the nicest person I have ever met. I met her over a year ago now at the shop I work at. She stops by occasionally when she is passing through town. Since then we've become internet pals and she comments on almost all of my posts! Thank you Dawn!

Ok now each of these awards has a seperate set of rules and instructions for how many blogs I now need to nominate and so forth....ahh that is too much to keep track of, so I'm just going to tell you some of my favorite blogs. If the people that I nominate would like to pass this along, you are supposed to post the picture of the award on your blog, (Choose which one you would like) and link back to me. Also you are also supposed to put a link to your favorite blogs and leave them a comment to let them know that they have recieved an award from you.
Thus, the Blog Awards will keep on going!
Some of my favorites:
Faith from FlashBangFibers. Ive been reading this blog for almost 2 years and Faith has been a major inspiration to me. She also has an awesome podcast "The Knitting Cook." Ive always appreciated both her blog and podcast because she is a mother of 3 little ones yet still manages to knit, spin and cook amazing things!
Domesticat from Domesticrafts. This blogger takes BEAUTIFUL photos. I also find myself laughing out loud at all of her blog posts. I love her style and sense of humor.
Strikker from ObsessiveKnitting. I just discovered this blog, and I really really like this blogger's knitting style. She's funny and her photos are also quite nice.
Steph from Craftoholic. She doesn't blog often but she has a great sense of style. Her pictures are professional and I love everything that she chooses to knit! I just wish that she would update more frequently because I want to see more!
There are so many more that I could mention because I have met so many awesome knitters through this blog and have made many friends. I appreciate all of you!


Anya said...

Thank you for introducing some new blogs.

Angel Knits said...

Wow, you have received so many awards....you're so popular! Thanks for your compliments on my style and I hope we will influence each other and keep our needles busy!