A Tiny Heart

Ok, so I was forced just absolutely forced..to take a small break from "The Dad Sweater" to do some quick knitting for the shop. Yea... Its been tough not working on that huge ribbed sweater because it's so exciting and stuff, but its a sacrifice that I will have to make.
I'll manage somehow.. I guess... :)

My first order of business was to quickly knit up this cute little heart which is the "Heart Pin" pattern from the book Closely Knit. This weekend Hannah Fettig is coming to the shop for a book signing and the owner of the shop is providing materials for everyone who comes to sit down and make this cute little heart.... Which by the way, Hannah offers the pattern for as a free download off of her blog.
I made a sample to find out exactly how much yarn it takes to make and also because its just so dang cute...

I have quite a few ideas for this little heart. How cute would it be pinned to my daughters denim jacket, or overalls? Or wouldn't it be so sweet attached to a handmade card for someone? I also thought of threading it on a ribbon and hanging it up somewhere... or I could make several and make a little crib mobile for a baby shower gift. Who knew a little knitted heart could have so many possibilities?

My daughter likes it as is.

She was really enjoying playing with it. I had to wrestle it away from her in order to take it to work with me and things got ugly and all tantrumy after that.

I think I ended up promising to knit up many more hearts to make up for it... I better get knitting.


Dawn said...

Very cute..lots of possiblilities for that one!

Lisa S_CT said...

I think a circle of hearts would be cute!