NeverNotKnitting Podcast : Episode 42 : Interview With... Debbie Bliss!

Episode 42


The winners of the Episode 41 KnitCircus gift collection drawing giveaway are cksknitter, Christi,  
Cindy M, Janeen Puckett, and Ursa! Congratulations!

The grand prize winner of the years subscription of KnitCircus magazine is 
Pretentious Wombat! Congratulations!

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Be sure to check back soon for a chance to win a special Debbie Bliss drawing giveaway. 
I will post all the details in the near future!

Click HERE to download the Episode 42 MP3 file.


Pretentious Wombat said...

I'm listening to your podcast at 3:30am because I can't sleep so I'm sure you can believe that I actually thought I had nodded off and dreamed I won the prize. Holy Cow! I wasn't dreaming! Thanks so much.

Patti aka wombatknitter/Wombat of DOOM/pretentious wombat (yep, if there's a wombat in the name, it's probably me)

Nancy said...

Got up early and listened to your podcast first thing!
Another great podcast. Thank you, Alana!!!

KatieB said...

Just finished an interview with a local knitwear designer here in my area and was THRILLED to hear this interview with Debbie Bliss, whose baby designs I have knit again and again for new moms and dads in my life.

My youngest son gave me "Simply Baby" for Christmas a few years ago and I can't even count how many things I've made from it.

One of my closest friends was just learning to knit when expecting her first baby and she worked diligently on the seed stitch coat discussed in the show. Loved hearing that mentioned as I remember how proud I was of my friend for tackling that project.

Thanks for a terrific episode.

J said...

Again Alana, what a great episode! Gotta love Debbie Bliss. It was fantastic. Thanks for it. Jennifer

Unknown said...

That was a great interview!

Lu said...

Please don't buy the sock keychain thingie with the Kitchener stitch instructions. The first two lines are incorrect. You would do better keeping written instructions close by until you memorize them.

Alana said...


I really appreciate you letting me know! I didn't realize!


Kristin said...

Loved this podcast!

bethanyg said...

oh this was so great to listen to! Thanks Alana!

Your Knitting Room said...

Thank you for another wonderful podcast! I love the way you interview your guests. It is very engaging and entertaining. I miss you between podcasts!

Thanks as always,
Suzi Porter

Handcrafted Accents said...

Just finished listening to the podcast, and I really loved it!

Miren Creixell said...

Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thanks for the interview with Debbie Bliss, I played it a couple of times. Now I NEED to go and get the book and buy some Debbie Bliss cash merino and get going with some new projects.


Meitrannan said...

This was certainly a fascinating and imformative interview. LOVE her accent! Keep up the good work!

J said...

Hi Alana,

I really enjoyed this episode with Debbie Bliss - I want to invite you both over for some knitting and tea. I do live in Perth, Western Australia so perhaps this is an ambitious invitation!

Thanks for a fab interview.

Jude McIntyre

Karen said...

Love your podcast with Debbi Bliss. I made a beautiful variegated green merino with her yarn. It came out gorgeous. I do so look forward to your next podcast. You are awesome!