Fall Pattern Sale: Day 2

It's Day 2 of the sale, and I'm happy to feature the Autumn Vines Beret for today's discount pattern!
This pattern truly embraces what the fall season is all about and is one of my favorite designs to date.

Click HERE for all of the pattern information.

I've always loved the textural cable and leaf stitch pattern of this beret. It's so pretty and it's fun to see it emerge on your needles. Some knitters may look at this beret design and be intimidated, but rest assured. I have offered both charted AND written instructions line by line for you in the pattern. 

I  really love my original version (above) knit in the Becoming Art Cielo Sport, but there have been so many gorgeous versions in other yarns and colorways knit by others as well. Here are a few of my favorites.

Knit by Veronika Jobe from yarnonthehouse.blogspot.com. Gorgeous color matches the model's eyes exactly!

Knit by Sarah (bluegarter on Ravelry). I love this color green and the styling of these shots. Great job Sarah!

The Autumn Vines Beret will be on sale for 50% off only for today, August 9th, until midnight PST.

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Have fun!


Kristine hipps said...
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harriet said...

When I hit the "buy now" button, I'm told that my account doesn't have access to this page.

Jeanne C. said...

I'm having the same problem.

Unknown said...

I already have this pattern, too.

Alana said...

Sorry about that! There was an error in the code, but all is fixed now!


Emily said...

What a terrific sale in preparation for fall. I've had my eye on a few of your patterns and this is the perfect incentive for me to go ahead and buy!

Unknown said...

I am primarily a crocheter, but your patterns are inspiring me to knit away!!!

Anonymous said...

I could only get the code through Ravelry not direct from your buy now button... I'm so happy to get this pattern finally!

Rachel said...

I forgot to put in the code!! I guess I purchased it full price at $5?