Fall Pattern Sale: Day 7

Well.. well... It's the final day of the pattern sale, and I've saved the best for last!

For today's discount pattern, I have chosen my most popular, favorite design of all time..

The Cedar Leaf Shawlette! 

I can honestly say that this shawlette is a wardrobe staple for me. I wear my original version ALL THE TIME during the cooler months. Every time I wear it I am complimented on it. 
It's my favorite accessory, and the first one I always pick out of my handknits drawer.

Click HERE for all of the pattern information.

And by the way.. to officially clear this up. I know that Cedar trees don't have leaves. :) (Well.. they don't have  leaves like the ones pictured on this shawlette anyways.) They are more like needles, actually. Anyways.. I added the word Cedar to this pattern because of  the colorway I used in the original version. I am still so in love with the Handmaiden Lady Godiva yarn I used for this knit and their "Cedar" colorway is absolutely amazing.

So there you go. Just in case you have been wondering. :)

With so many projects on Ravelry, it has been fun to see this pattern knit up in yarns of many different weights, textures and colors. I'm delighted by how versatile this design has proven to be. I've seen it knit up in everything from lace-weight to bulky-weight yarn successfully.

There are MANY, many amazing versions of this shawlette on Ravelry, but here is a small sampling.

Knit by Geri (g3t2a on Ravelry) I love how her version of the shawlette is styled. I think it looks so elegant worn around the neck with a beautiful pin to keep it in place.

Knit by Juju (Chickpeastudio on Ravelry) I love this cheery bright version of Cedar Leaf. What a fun outfit accessory!

Knit by Hannah (Walrus on Ravelry). Many knitters have chosen to add beads to the leafy border. I didn't think of this when I was designing this pattern, but now wish that I had! A perfect addition! 

The Cedar Leaf Shawlette will be on sale for 50% off only for today, August 14th, until midnight PST.

Enter Special Code:

I can't wait to see the version you come up with! Enjoy!

I'd like to close this sale week by saying, "Thank you!" 
Thank you to everyone who has participated and supported this sale.
 It has been a fun week for me and I have so enjoyed all of the nice emails I have received.

Unfortunately, I've also heard that many of you have been disappointed about accidentally missing certain days of the sale and missing out on some of your favorites patterns.

Out of support for my blog readers, I would love to offer one final "Secret Fall Pattern Sale".
On Monday the 15th, all of the fall patterns featured this week will be 50% off from the hours of 4-7pm Pacific Standard Time. The special discount code will be "OopsImissedit". 
This will give you a chance to scoop up the ones you may have missed previously. :)


Unknown said...

I already have this pattern, and it's just a matter of knitting up a beautiful version for myself.

Suzanne said...

You are so generous to offer the additional surprise sale. Over the course of time, I have acquired quite the selection of NNK patterns. You put a lot of time and attention into your designs as well as the patterns. Thank you!

Chantal Boucher said...

I just bought the pattern 2 minutes ago via your blog and i just saw after on Ravelry that i could have it in french.... how could i exchange?
thank you to let us shop your patterns at a very low price!! I love your work.

LauraLillyLaura said...

I have this pattern and I love it and can't wait to knit it!! Thank you for all your generosity!!! You have fabulous designs!! I can't wait to pick up a few I missed on Monday!!

Zonda said...

Thanks so much for your sale this week! Also for the catch up day tomorrow, I have a few more to get. Much appreciated!

Denise said...

Yay, ive been waiting for this pattern all weep, it's my very favorite and I don't have it yet. Thank you So much for offering a sale tomorrow, I hope to get the beret pattern I missed too. Now I just have tom figure out what time that is for me ;-)

Denise said...

Of course I mean week! Silly autocorrect!!

Unknown said...

My favorite things about your FOs are the colors you chose!

Robyn said...

i am so excited about the secret sale...."oops i missed it" is exactly right. thanks for your generosity! now i must set my alarm for tomorrow afternoon.

alligator said...

It is so sweet of you to offer the final pattern day for those of us (um...me) who missed a pattern we were looking forward to.
This was a really fun sale! I loved seeing the projects presented in different yarns on the blog.
Thanks again!

Cate said...

Oooh, I'm excited that you're offering up the patterns tomorrow. I didn't catch on to this until day five, so I'll definitely be buying a couple that I missed! And I'm so excited to knit up this one!

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Thank you for adding the bonus three hour shop tomorrow! There is a pattern (or two!) that I missed this week. Now . . . 4-7 Pacific Time . . . I think that's 8-11 Eastern Time. Funny the sale will "end" by you before it even "begins" by us!

Meredith said...

I already have this pattern! I made one for my mom, and I have yarn to make one for myself. She loves hers!

I'm so glad you're offering the last minute sale tomorrow! I did miss a couple and I was bummed. Thank you for the week of specials! I'm so excited for fall!

KathyR said...

I loved you sale, too - thanks so much! I missed out on the mittens so I hope that I calculate the right time as well. I also love the colours you choose for your knitting - gorgeous!

she knits said...

How about awesome timing, I just managed to get online after getting children to school/breakfast etc and check what time is pacific standard time right now and it was 3:59 pm lol off to catch up my pattern collection
Thanks so much Alana,
Love mel x x

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

A little sad. I just went to purchase my missed patterns, but it said my coupon code was not valid. It is only 10 p.m. here so it should have been okay. I think.

Oh-well. I still purchased one and then I added another that was not included in the sale.

vikki said...

I had the same problem. The code wouldn't work. :(

KipperKnitter said...

Me too.....code wouldn't work. :>(

Kate said...

To the last couple of posters... 4-7pm PST is actually 7-10pm EST (we are only 3 hours different) so it looks like you guys were actually too late! You can see the time stamp on your comments :(

Alane said...

Bummer, missed it again! I woke up at 2:30am EST on Sunday, and almost hopped out of bed to shop! The rest of my family was on the computer all day, it. And then I missed the extension. Oh, well, I know this one is worth the full price when I get the right time and yarn.

Awesome, beautiful patterns.

Anonymous said...

oops, I STILL missed it. Of course, I've already bought 4/7 patterns already, so I only missed a couple that I absolutely adore. I took the oak leave mittens with me this weekend, but ended up obsessively knitting on socks instead. I wouldn't trade a weekend away for 50% on your patterns, but it's close! ;~)

vikki said...

To Kate---
I tried much earlier, probably 9:30ish.
Only posted after seeing someone else had a problem.
Just thought someone would like to know...
Will still purchase the patterns anyway. :)

Christina said...

Argh! Away for a few weeks to the cabin and missed this!! Darn! Hoping this awesome deal is offered again sometime :) Thanks!

stephigordon said...

What a generous sale you've held and I missed it. That's what I get for not keeping up with my blog reading over the summer! ( : Never again.....