NeverNotKnitting Podcast : Episode 55 : Interview With Kate Oates

Episode 55


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Robin said...

Thanks for another fun episode. I feel the same way about not wanting to discuss knitting or pattern design work with non-knitting family and friends, they think it is SO lame!

Your Knitting Room said...

Good Morning,

I just listened to the podcast on my way to the yarn shop that I work in. It is always a treat when I can drive with you! I have also recently brought your pattern line into the shop and it has be received with rave reviews! Thank you as always for another great podcast!

Suzi P.
Shrewsbury, MA

Carolina said...

My teenage girls get so embarrassed when I bring my knitting to the football games! "You're bringing THAT!, What if somebody SEES you??!"

Jenny Hodgson said...

Thank you for introducing me to Kate Oates' designs! There are several I'm already itching to make, and I definitely will save up for "Math for Hats"...I think everyone is getting a cool hat for our x-mas eve canyon road walk : )

k.g gray said...

I have to admit I am intrigued and can't wait to listen waiting for the podcast to listen... I am downloading right now.

PixelatedMushroom said...

thanks - great episode :)

Pinkylee said...

I think being a knit wear designer is cool. I wish I had that talent!
Say it with pride, I design knit wear patterns.

Jenny T. said...

Awesome podcast as usual. Got me excited to get to work on some hats! And oh, how I can relate to the non-knitter's comments regarding my knitting! Jenny (jrt35 on Ravelry)

Miren Creixell said...

Got to get that book, I'm going to be an aunt for the first time in a couple of months, what a great excuse to play with hats!
Thanks for sharing your friends with us, I eagerly wait for your podcasts.

Take care,


Retha said...

great podcast. I think that being a knitting designer is way cool and I am green with envy that you have been so successful. And your rant about non-knitters not respecting our craft? AGREEx1000! I find it super annoying that family members ask me if I'm still knitting in a mocking tone. Really? What can you make? I want to ask. And then I want to make mad fun of it and put down their hobby choices and give them funny looks like "she's psycho that one is". This is why it is so important for us knitters to have knitter friends. Non-knitters suck. :) hugs and thanks for everything you do for our crafting community.

Anonymous said...

I just love listening to your podcast as I am driving to work. What an inspiration! And hearing about knitting-- and your hilarious relaying of your family's reaction-- well, if you don't knit, you don't get the addiction and creativity of it. Would love to win this book. I'm holding off on buying it... hoping to win! Thanks!

Hello said...

Great podcast. This Christmas I am only knitting for those that are knitting appreciative. Also, thanks for including the chart for hat sizing and the lip balm. Loved Kate's blog pick of production day.

Manda - Handmade with Love said...

Hi Alana

I listened to this episode yesterday on my way from work and I must say I feel the same sometimes too. For me majority of my friends are non knitter or fiber crafters so I don't talk about what I do very often. But I am fortunate that my closestfriends are genuinely interested in seeing what I have made even though they are not interested enough to try. As I was listening to your frustration I felt compelled to tell you that your work is so much more than selling knitting patterns! You are a designer and a business woman who balances family with work. To top that off you love what you do! I dare say that not many people can say that about their job!
Thanks for sharing Alana and I love your podcast!

sbfh said...

It doesn't bother me when asked about my knitting. I figure that if they say something about grandma knitting or crocheting it is because it is a fond memory. Seeing someone knit or crochet can also prompt them to learn more about it and start. You could send them to Ravelry or to your blog so they can see current and trendy things.

Erssie said...

Enjoyed listening to Kate Oates.

I agree with her about kids. I am just doing a kids book and they are 4yrs old.

They look fab in photos where they were unaware of the camera...it all goes so well but it is the Mums who spoil it and start shouting, 'SMILE....look at the camera, look at me!' then suddenly kids go rigid and put on really cheesy smiles.

However, we have to bring the Mums as chaperones, but sometimes Mums think it is a trip out and bring scooters, bikes etc...and then the kids run off and play, only to come back totally tired out with red cheeks. The Mums sometimes go off and buy icecreams. The photography sort of becomes secondary, to the kids' Mums having a day out in the park!
I have to remind them that although we are outside, it is a proper shoot...but when you are not paying much for models, it can be awkward!

Next time, I must choose a venue for a photo shoot in a place where they can't run riot with Mums encouraging them to do the wrong thing.