Introducing my new sock pattern... Amelie.

Amelie Framed

Amelie is a fun, easy to memorize sock pattern that you’ll be sure to enjoy knitting. The ribbed yet lacy stitch creates a nice stretchy fabric that clings nicely to your leg. The lace look is created by simply dropping stitches, which all of us knitters have a little experience with. The pattern is sophisticated and can be dressed up or down depending on which yarn you choose to knit them with.

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The awesome thing about this pattern is that it has been written to accommodate three different methods of sock knitting. You can knit up your Amelie socks using double pointed needles, 2 circular needles, or one circular needle (magic loop). This pattern offers a great opportunity to not only try out a new sock knitting technique, but also to understand more how to convert patterns from one technique to the other. Each technique is color coded so it's easy to keep track while you are knitting up this pattern.

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Thankyou again to Audrey for taking the beautiful photos for me.

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Here is the pattern information for those of you interested in knitting up this pattern:

Cuff Circumference: 11 inches stretched.
Foot Circumference: 7 inches unstretched
Leg Length: 6 inches (shorter version) 8 inches (longer version)
Foot Length: adjust to fit

Version A (Burgundy Version): Regia Silk [55% Merino wool, 20% Silk, 25% Polyamide; 219yd/200m per 50g skein]; color: #032, 2 skeins
Version B (Blue Version); color: #053, 2 skeins
Version C (Green Version); color: #070, 2 skeins

DPN Method: #1 set of 5 US #1/2.25mm double pointed needles
2 Circulars Method: #2 24-inch US #1/2.25mm circular needles
Magic Loop method: #1 32-inch US #1/2.25mm circular needle

Regular closed ring stitch markers (2 circular or magic loop method only)
Safety pin or split ring stitch marker
Tapestry Needle

34 sts/52 rows = 4" in Stockinette stitch

I hope you enjoy knitting up your very own pair of Amelie socks!

(This pattern has been updated into a beautiful new pattern layout and format August 2010.)


bella said...

I ordered Amelie through paypal, but it says that you have to accept my order before download. Please let me know what to do next! Thanks.

Butterlite said...

I CANNOT believe these were rejected! These are such beautiful socks! and your photos are lovely as well! Too bad for all of us that these aren't in knitty! you should post these on Craftster. I'm in love! Funny how now that i have the time to knit...(got laid off from work) I can't afford to buy the pattern I actually want to knit. Good luck with these... When I get a new job, this will be my first purchase! oh and fyi I saw your socks on ravelry in the new patterns section!
-butterlite ( my handle on ravelry and craftster)

Dawn said...

Beautiful socks! Can't believe they were rejected! I'd submit them again!:) How about to a magazine?

Puttermeister said...

I came across these socks in my "friend activity" page on Ravelry--not only your own page, which means they've quickly found an audience, regardless of whether or not Knitty picked them up. And they're lovely! Terrific pattern, Alana!

Elizabeth said...

These are really very beautiful. I don't see why these would be rejected, and something like the Lace Ribbon Scarf would be accepted (besides Veronik's big name status). I really think you should submit this pattern to any of the newer online knitting zines like Knotions or Twist Collective.

CeRae said...

It was great to meet you at the shop last week. I was in the kitchen baking my cookies this morning, listening to your podcast (on #2) and heard you mention these socks. So, I had to revisit your blog to take a peek at them again. I am a very beginning level knitter, so I am in awe of the fact that socks like these even exist! But the fact that you DESIGNED them and knit them so beautifully, AND with 3 different methods is more amazing still!! Beautiful job Alana! I would definitely take other people's suggestions and submit them elsewhere. Someday, when I'm good enough, I hope to give these a try.

KrisW said...

Great socks! They're on my "to do" list. What are they great black shoes? Very nice with the socks!

Unknown said...

Love these socks! Great designing :) Can you tell me if they are cuff down or toe up?