Slowly but Surely.....

Guess who came out of its gallon size ziploc bag?

I started this top back in April! And I am just now working on it again. I lost interest for awhile there but the guilt of knowing it's sitting there unfinished drove me into a Giselle-knitting frenzy. So I pulled it out and started working on it again.
I've decided to forgo the long sleeves and leave it cap sleeved the way it is. It will be a better summer top that way and less knitting for me, yay!
To tell the honest truth, I'm not really enjoying this project but I am looking forward to wearing it.
So I must press on.


Anonymous said...

Don't you find that sometimes the least enjoyable things to knit end up being the most wearable? Doesn't seem right somehow!

Arianwen said...

my oldest wip is two years old I hate knitting it. Ever so often I manage a couple of rows. It is the perfect summer cardigan and some day it will be really useful!

Dawn said...

Watch it be your favorite garmet to wear and you'll want one in every color!:) Its going to look adorable with cap sleeves! You'll have this done in no time flat!

Cathi said...

Are you using linen yarn? Hard to tell. Lookin' good whatever you're using!