Pomatomus Progress

One down! One to go!

This sock pattern is apparently not for the faint of heart because several knitters in the Pomatomus Sock knit-a-long have dropped out!
It is a time consuming pattern, but oh so worth it!
That being said, I still took precautions and cast on for sock #2 right away
to prevent a serious case of
"second sock syndrome" from setting in.

sooooo pretty...


NSF said...

Your sock is so beautiful, it looks like work of art! It encourages me to finish my sock. Nancy

Cathi said...

Love the yarn choice! Good for you planning ahead to avoid that blasted SSS!

Anonymous said...

I'm making these for the Knitting Summer Trials, so I hope they're not too arduous - I picked socks to give myself an easy life!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love this sock and your photos are amazing cant wait to see the pair:)Hugs Darcy